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Steve Gluckstein Shares How Weightlifting Can Help Gymnasts and The Benefits of Trampoline

Really excited for this today! My good buddy and former Olympic Trampoline athlete for Team USA Steve Gluckstein was gracious enough to join me for a long podcast chat. Anyone who has followed Steve’s journey knows that he is a big advocate for using adjunctive weight lifting and cross-training to enhancing gymnastics performance and reducing […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Gymnastics Flexibility

*Readers Note – This is a very long and in-depth blog post. The first few sections of this blog are background and explanation for flexibility methods using scientific research. There is a lot of medical and science nerdiness in there. If you are not into that and are just looking for a particular area of […]

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Tom Meadows on Developing Elite Male Gymnasts and His Best Coaching Advice

Really excited to share some amazing content with everyone today! I was able to sit down and chat with one of the most highly respected coaches here in the US, Tom Meadows of Cypress Academy. Tom has one of the most impressive journeys in gymnastics, with multiple junior and senior national team members, as well […]


Doc Ali Shares 3 Amazing Tools for Helping Gymnasts Conquer Fear and Anxiety

Really excited for another amazing blog post and podcast for everyone today. All gymnasts, coaches, and parents are constantly frustrated with athletes who have mental blocks, get frustrated with training, or just can’t seem to lower their stress levels at practice or competition. It often leads to lots of headaches, a lack of progress in […]