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How Much is Too Much for Young Gymnasts? (Free Lecture and PDF Download)

I’ve written about this topic before, but the mysterious question of how much work to how much recovery is appropriate for young gymnasts continues to be a question that stumps many people in gymnastics. This topic is something that continues to be hotly debated in gymnastics, especially as emerging research on the concerns for early […]

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Addressing Body Image Issues, Disordered Eating, and Nutrition in Gymnastics with Tasia Percevecz

Today I have one of the most important podcasts to ever come out of SHIFT. Although I have had some nutritionists on to talk about issues related to poor nutrition education, and also harmful practices that are still existent in gymnastics related to fueling for performance, I’ve never directly asked a former gymnast who has […]

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Samantha Peszek on Her Elite Journey, Overcoming Fears, and UCLA Gymnastics

Really excited for this podcast episode and interview, as I think people are going to love hearing from Samantha Peszek on what her gymnastics journey has been through. Sam has quite an epic list of accomplishments over the years ranging from Olympic team member, UCLA Gymnastics alumni, founder of Beam Queen Bootcamp, and more. I […]

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Tom Farden of Utah Gymnastics on Building Team Chemistry and NCAA Success

I’m excited for today’s blog and podcast where I sit down to talk with someone I’ve been fortunate to become friends with in the last few years, Tom Farden. Tom is the head coach of Utah Gymnastics, one of the most iconic NCAA programs from the last few decades. I’ve always respected Tom since getting […]