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Shoulder Flexibility Tips for Bigger Trampoline Skills with Steve Gluckstein

I’m really excited to branch out into the trampoline side of gymnastics with some new content. I had very little exposure to competitive trampoline as a gymnast. Although I have worked with some gymnasts in this area of the sport, I still can’t speak to the exact issues and demands as well as artistic gymnastics. […]


The Exact Hip Flexibility Exercises I Use To Improve Splits and Pike Shapes in Gymnasts

Recently I put together a blog post that outlined exactly what shoulder flexibility exercises and circuits I give to gymnasts who struggle with handstands or pommel horse swings (find it here if interested). A ton of people said they really found it helpful, and that they would love to have the same videos for splits […]

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5 Fantastic Medical Resources for Gymnastics Sports Medicine Providers

Today is just a quick post for the Gymnastics medical providers out there. I get asked a lot about where I find research, books, or scientific studies for rehabilitation. To be honest, I just do recurring PubMed searches and also try to keep an open network with other professionals to hear new thinges emerging. Here […]

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11 Crucial Ways to Combat Impact Knee and Ankle Injuries in Gymnastics

Impact knee and ankle injuries, unfortunately, are something that plague many gymnasts. This is mainly because young athletes are exposed to massive impact forces that may reach 8.8x – 14.9 times body weight, 1000’s of times per month, and pretty much year round (read more about the latest science here). Peak bone on bone impact ankle forces […]

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Gymnasts Who Lift Weights and Have Off Seasons – How to Build “New School” Gymnastics Strength Programs

I’m incredibly excited to get this blog post and free lecture out to the gymnastics world. While I fully understand the need to use traditional gymnastics specific physical preparation programs, I firmly believe that a more hybrid approach to development will be the gold standard in our sport very soon. By this, I mean gymnasts utilizing programs […]

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Free Access To All Of My Gymnastics Book Chapters Now Available

6 Months ago I released a pretty big e-book called “Changing Gymnastics Culture: Lessons, Reflections, and Visions for the Future”.  It was 450 pages and 16 chapters, and in an effort to help the gymnastics world that is/was in quite a rough spot, I gave it away for free. I was blown away when it […]

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Help Gymnasts Hit More Routines in Meets with These Essential Workload and Recovery Tips

It’s around this time of the year that many people in gymnastics worldwide are gearing up for their first competitions. It usually brings with it lots of anxiety, an increase in training intensity, and unfortunately many times an increase in overuse injury rates. People get upset as they seem to struggle before the season has even […]