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Boost Gymnastics Core Strength with These 3 “Must Do” Things

A strong, stable core is one of the absolute “must haves” in gymnastics. One reason is performance-based, as different events and the skills within those events require massive amounts of core strength.  Creating “stiffness” in body shapes to absorb force allows good punching, lines, and handstand fundamentals. It is also integrated during shape changes as […]

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A Must Listen Interview with Tim Gabbett, PhD – How Workload Research Can Increase Performance and Reduce Injury Risk

There are a handful of very well-known sports scientists and researchers around the world. One of those researchers is  Tim Gabbett, PhD. His work has been incredibly helpful to look at how spikes in training load are associated with injury risk and reduce performance, and also see how training harder and smarter may be protective against […]

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How Coaches and Medical Providers Can Have Competitive Season Success – An Interview with Dr. Mike Reinold

I’ve been lucky to spend time learning from some of the worlds best medical providers, strength coaches, and sports coaches in the last 10 years. One of those people who has not only been enormously helpful in my education but also still provides me wisdom every day, is my friend and mentor Mike Reinold. For […]

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New Podcast! Q&A – Landing Form vs Skill Form, Shoulder Injuries During Releases, and Doing Adult Gymnastics Safely

Really excited for the first ever Question and Answer Episode of The SHIFT Show! The episodes are going to alternate between longer-form content and shorter form Q&A. People can ask anything they want on gymnastics topics like flexibility, strength and conditioning,  culture development, injuries, personal development, or more. To submit a question head to the […]