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Complete Gymnastics Shoulder Performance – How To Develop Flexibility, Strength, and Power

I’ve really been looking forward to posting this, as it has been something a ton of people email or message me about. High-level shoulder performance is absolutely critical for gymnastics. For one, it is the main joint that supports proper handstands, which then supports many gymnastics skills. In addition to this, powerful shoulders help produce […]

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The Nutrition and Overtraining Talk We Need To Have, But Aren’t

I’ll just come right out and say it Gymnastics culture continues to have a serious problem with the intersection of nutrition, mental health, and proper training workloads for kids. If you take a step back even more, you see this problem isn’t unique to gymnastics. Many youth athletes struggle with healthy relationships with food. Especially […]

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Mark Williams on World Championships, USA Gymnastics, and Creating Coaching Success

Anyone who is familiar with men’s gymnastics knows that Mark Williams, Head Coach of Oklahoma University Men’s Program and 2016 Olympic Head Coach, has quite a list of accolades behind him. Mark has not only made the journey from coaching preschool classes all the way up to coaching Team USA on the international stage, he […]