Breaking Down Handstand Components & Applying The Correct Exercise

One of the biggest things I think gymnastics can benefit from more educations on is the ability to break down complex movements into chunks, and individualize mobility or control exercises appropriately based on the findings. Many coaches, parents, or gymnasts don’t have in anatomy depth training to go about this process, and

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014: Celebrating Year 1 of The Hybrid Perspective!

It’s incredible to think that I have had the blog up and running for just over a year. Starting back from when I left National Congress in 2013 and launched the first post, I would have never imagined the site would take off like it has. I’ve had incredible opportunities come

Up Your Gymnast's Shoulder Game: Reverse Bear Crawls, Reverse Plank Slider Crawls, Wall Walk Ups

Overhead shoulder strength and stability needs to be an essential component of every gymnasts skill work. Gymnastics is really unique in the fact that it makes the upper body and arms function as closed chained, or weight-bearing, systems. Training handstands is super important, but progressive conditioning and overhead stability work

Special Collaboration with Dave Picardy – "Gymnasts, Learn and Master The Turkish Get Up"

The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is a well known exercise in the performance and training world. It is a multi step exercise that requires the person doing it to balance mobility, stability, precision, and control at the same time across the entire body. I think many gymnasts and coaches would

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