Brain Spill #2: Thoughts on Movement Variability, Pain Science, and Overuse Injury

For some reason my reading has taken me a lot into the concepts of movement variability, the role of coordinative and elemental variability, and how this all plays into in skill performance.  I’ve always been curious about how athletes like gymnasts learn and perform such highly complex skills. Closely related to this, it’s also

How Many Impacts and Hyperextensions Do Gymnasts Actually Take?

Another set of the age old questions in gymnastics; “How much is too much?”, “How much is enough to get a skill?”, and “How much until we get nervous about injury?”A big concept that myself and other gymnastics healthcare providers talk about is that we need to be objectively monitoring the

5 Thoughts From The Ohio Gymnastics rEvolution Seminar!

I was in Medina Ohio this last weekend with Dr. Josh Eldridge of Gymnast Care at Pinnacle Gymnastics for our first Gymnastics rEvolution Seminar (click link to find out more!). We teamed up to teach a big crowd of gymnastics coaches, parents, healthcare providers all about performance and injury prevention concepts. It was

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