“Hip Flexor Tightness” in Gymnasts and The Most Common Error In Stretching

A topic that comes up frequently in my flexibility lectures and when treating gymnastics patients is hyper mobile athletes who feel “hip flexor tightness” or experience ongoing “hip flexor strains”. This issue plagues many gymnasts leading to reduced split mobility, sub optimal skill performance, and unfortunately serious injuries like symptomatic hip instability/labral tears. I think a big part

End Range Hip Strength Drills Without Lumbar Extension Stress

12 Jan No Comments Dave Coaches, Gymnasts/Athletes, Hip, Spine

I recently posted one of the most popular articles I’ve ever written, discussing my concern with certain aggressive passive end range hip stretching. I’ve received numerous comments and questions (mostly positive) about understanding the possible concern and seeking advice on more drills for developing leaps, jumps, hip extension power, shaping lines, and

From Clinic To Practice #4: Gymnast With Chronic Hamstring Injury and "Tightness" Due To Core Control Issues

I wanted to take a break from my back pain article series for this post, which actually fits in with it perfectly.  A few weeks back I spent the day at Connecticut Gymnastics Academy working with their gymnasts and brainstorming ideas with the owner Brock. Among the assessments I did was an

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