Getting An Elite Gymnast's Hips More Flexible By Not Stretching (Part 1) – From Clinic To Practice #3

Get ready for an awesome case study. Last week I had a junior elite gymnast travel out to get an evaluation, and it turned out to be a fantastic 2 hour eval and treat. Both her and her mom were great, and after they gave me permission to write-up a case study

How Many Impacts and Hyperextensions Do Gymnasts Actually Take?

Another set of the age old questions in gymnastics; “How much is too much?”, “How much is enough to get a skill?”, and “How much until we get nervous about injury?”A big concept that myself and other gymnastics healthcare providers talk about is that we need to be objectively monitoring the

5 Minute Hip Mobility Warm Up

13 Jul 4 Comments Dave Hip, Integrated Pre-Hab ,

I recently put together a series of hip mobility drills for an Olympic Weightlifter friend of mine. I’m personally a big fan of making a warm up as active and dynamic as possible, rather than just simply resting passively in stretching positions. This is so we can help ramp up the

Improving Split Mobility and Transferring It To Beam: “Performance Complex” Hip Example

One of the biggest things I see is problematic in terms of performance and injury in gymnastics is when we focus so much on mobility, but then neglect the steps that should come after to change movement. These include drills to add dynamic control to the new range, and drills to re-patterning

Why Are My Gymnasts Hip Flexors Still Tight? Video on Hip Mobility/Control Progressions, Reasons 6&7 (Pt 3)

Here is the last installment of the article series looking at gymnasts with ongoing anterior hip mobility restrictions. Last week in Part 2 I went over why core instability matters and the role of motor learning in maintaining hip mobility. The week before I offered Part 1  discussing protective guarding, breathing, and the autonomic nervous system.

Why Are My Gymnast's Hip Flexors Still Tight? 7 Alternate Nerdy Thoughts To Consider (Part 2)

Last week I put up Part 1 of this post, talking about some possible underlying drivers of chronic hip mobility issues in gymnasts. Although I narrowed in on hip flexors, the concepts apply to a lot of other regions in the body that seem to be constantly restricted. I talked about protective guarding from

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