Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014: Celebrating Year 1 of The Hybrid Perspective!

It’s incredible to think that I have had the blog up and running for just over a year. Starting back from when I left National Congress in 2013 and launched the first post, I would have never imagined the site would take off like it has. I’ve had incredible opportunities come

6 Glute Training Exercises Gymnasts Need To Do Regularly

The glute muscles are an area of the hip that gymnasts and coaches are familiar with, and get attention a lot of attention due during training. “Squeeze your butt”, “Hold your shape” and “extend your hips” usually have something to due with coaches talking about and training the glutes. However, you

Prevention of Traumatic and Progressive Knee Injuries In Gymnastics: Assessing Risk Using Jumping, Landing, and Squatting Technique

This week I wanted to write about a topic that I feel is by far one of the most important issues for injury prevention within gymnastics.  Teaching proper jumping and landing mechanics to gymnasts is crucial to help young athletes prevent both traumatic knee injuries (caused by one event) and

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