Does Positive or Negative Coaching Style Increase Injury Risk in Athletes?

Today I wanted to quickly touch on a really interesting article I read last month. In The British Journal of Sports Medicine, a paper titled “Is there a correlation between coaches leadership style and injuries in elite football teams?” looked into the correlation between different head coach leadership styles and

8 Important Gymnastics Training Take Aways from the U.K. Physical Preparation Masterclass

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of joining Nick Ruddock of Nick Ruddock Gymnastics in the United Kingdom to guest speak at his Physical Preparation Masterclass. For those that are not familiar, Nick was the former Great Britan junior national team coach and has worked extensively on the elite/Olympic level

5 Common Misunderstandings About My Work In Gymnastics

Over the last year I have been teaching, writing, learning, sharing blogs, and talking more with a lot of people in the gymnastics world. I try my best to be very transparent with people who follow my work, explaining as much as I can and offering all of the resources/literature that fuel my

7 Pieces of Advice For New PT Grads

26 May No Comments Dave Miscellaneous ,

With many PT students graduating this month, I wanted to drift off my normal blogging topics and give some advice to people who will be joining the field soon. Looking back to 3 years ago, there were a lot of things I would have differently when first starting off. I’m lucky to

3 Thoughts To A Key Article – "Women’s Worlds Team Defying The Norm: Is Sixteen No Longer The Peak?"

Gymnastike put out a great article this week “Women’s Worlds Team Defying The Norm: Is Sixteen No Longer The Peak?”. I think the concepts behind this article are crucial for all of gymnastics to consider. This idea of age being just a number, and not pushing female gymnasts to peak at 16 is

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