Brain Spill #2: Thoughts on Movement Variability, Pain Science, and Overuse Injury

For some reason my reading has taken me a lot into the concepts of movement variability, the role of coordinative and elemental variability, and how this all plays into in skill performance.  I’ve always been curious about how athletes like gymnasts learn and perform such highly complex skills. Closely related to this, it’s also

Back From A Week At Power Monkey Camp 3.0!

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Along with my work in Gymnastics I also see quite a few Olympic Weightlifters and CrossFit Athletes. Through the last few years of being in Boston and working with Dave Picardy’s crew at TreeHouse Athletics/NSCF, I have been working a lot in this niche and team up with the coaches to

Gymnastics rEvolution Google Hangout w/ Dr. Josh Eldridge

Dr. Josh Eldridge and I recently sat down to record a Google Hangout and chat about the information we will be covering in our upcoming Gymnastics rEvolution Seminars. We ran down our weekend schedule and shared some ideas related to coaching, training, healthcare concepts, and some other things we think people are

Thoughts on Why To Use The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) In Gymnastics

A few months back, an article came out in Technique magazine about the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and it’s concepts. I think it was a great introduction, but I have been meaning to pitch in my two cents on why I feel using the FMS is important for gymnastics. In short, the FMS is a

A New Gymnastics Data Injury Website From Dr. Bill Sands, Help Spread The Word!

For anyone in the gymnastics world that doesn’t know Dr. Bill Sands, I would highly suggest checking out the work he has done. Dr. Sands is a leading expert in the field of exercise physiology, biomechanics, recovery, and has had a huge hand in the realm of gymnastics injuries. If

3 Reasons Why A Gradual Return To Gymnastics Following Injury Is Key: Pain Science, Tissue Adaptation, and Psychology

I’ve been working on this piece for a while, trying to put together the different thoughts that have been buzzing in my brain for the last few years. Although I’m optimistic we can make a big dent in gymnastics injuries, unfortunately it is likely an inevitable part of gymnastics. Following the

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