Special Collaboration with Dave Picardy – "Gymnasts, Learn and Master The Turkish Get Up"

The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is a well known exercise in the performance and training world. It is a multi step exercise that requires the person doing it to balance mobility, stability, precision, and control at the same time across the entire body. I think many gymnasts and coaches would

Quick Overhead/Posture Pre-Hab for Gymnasts – Wall Angel Progressions

One of the common trends I see in a lot of gymnasts I work with are issues in their middle spine (thoracic spine) and shoulder blade. Many times the gymnast gets “wide back” and rounded forward chest, with the shoulder joints sitting forward/rotated in, and commonly the shoulder blade pops up or

Video Quick Tip #2: A Gymnast's "Shoulder Flexibility" Has Much More To It Than Just The Shoulder

The info and video in this post came about because I’m in the process of putting together a really cool 4 part article series about shoulder pain in gymnasts. Also, this week in the gym my boss was doing a flexibility circuit, and knowing that some of our girls have super flexible

Bridge Mobility: Why Your Gymnasts May Be Struggling: Possible Injury Prevention For The Lower Back and Tips To Help

This week I wanted to discuss a topic that can possibly reduce a gymnast’s risk of lower back pain, as well as help improve their skill performance. Many people have asked me about how to address bridges that lack mobility and how to deal with lower back pain related to

Is The Way Your Spot Setting You Up for a Shoulder Injury? (Part II – Preventative Rehabilitation )

In Part I of this topic, I went over why practicing safe spotting techniques may reduce your possibility of a progressive or traumatic shoulder injury. Instead of going into more background information, I decided it would be more beneficial discuss the shoulder pre-hab information. I think that this content is

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