The Intern Perspective: The Life of a PT/Gymnastics Intern and My Views on “Bridging the Gap”

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This story begins with a simple Google search, purely out of curiosity, with no specific expectations for the results. “Gymnastics physical therapy.” The top result – (now SHIFT). That’s how I found out about Dave Tilley a year ago. As a lifelong gymnast, coach, and now physical therapy student,

Exciting News, I’m Joining The Team at Champion Physical Thearapy and Performance

I’m very excited to announce that I have accepted a new position at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance, located in Waltham Massachusetts. Starting February 16th, I will start seeing clients for Physical Therapy and performance based services. Along with becoming a location for me to see clients, this will be a great

How Much (Hip) Flexibility Is Too Much For A Gymnast – Part 1

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Last year I wrote one of the most popular articles on the website entitled How Much Flexibility Is Too Much For A Gymnast. That article pertained to a gymnast who came to use with naturally hypermobile shoulders, and started to experience instability based pain because she continued to stretch a lot

Welcome To SHIFT! Why The New Name and Website?

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You may have noticed that the website, social media, and material has undergone a bit of a change (sorry for any email craziness or crazy looking website while I remodel). Like the “Ca/Boom” at top I’m still trying to figure out how to remove haha. However, from today on forward, “The

Getting an Elite Gymnast's Shoulders More Flexible By Not Stretching: From Clinic To Practice #3

Last week I posted Part 1 of this article, which was about a gymnast I evaluated with hip mobility issues and ongoing right-sided hip/leg injuries. It was incredible to see such a huge response, with just about 14,000 views in a few days. In that article I talked about how in some circumstances

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