How To Quickly Screen A Gymnast's Ankle Mobility

16 Nov 3 Comments Dave Uncategorized

The concept of screening is something huge I think the gymnastics world need to regularly partake in due to the high physical demands and injury rates. Screening refers to the idea of performing tests or movement assessments on gymnasts regularly to detect possible risk factors for problems. I have mentioned

Gymnast Care Podcast With Dr. Josh Eldridge Part 2.

About a month ago, I posted the link to Part 1 (find the first podcast by clicking here) of this podcast with Dr. Eldridge. We talked about some really interesting concepts about gymnastics injury, training, issues related to strength and conditioning, and my using integrated gymnastics pre-hab in your gyms.

5 Tips for Gymnastics Coaches To Prevent Spotting Injuries

29 May 4 Comments Dave Uncategorized

I spend a ton of time breaking down and giving suggestions for injuries related to gymnast’s, but I think commonly we overlook the physical demand gymnastics can have on coaches during spotting. There have been plenty of times that coaches have come to me in the gym or at a camp asking about

4 Gymnastics Related Concepts The SFMA Course Made Me Think More About

Over this weekend I had the chance to attend a two day course on something known as the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).  In a nutshell, the SFMA is an assessment tool that medical professionals use to investigate the factors contributing to someones injury/pain. It was taught by some really

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