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At the end of each year I always like to get a post up highlighting what articles people seemed to like the most. This marks the 3rd year of The Hybrid Perspective and my efforts to spread new information to the gymnastics/healthcare world. In the last year especially I’ve been truly blown away with how the it has grown, and the opportunities that have come from it. The blog in total has just tipped over 700,000 views in 150 countries worldwide, and I just again want to say a huge thank you to all it’s supporters. With that said, here are the top 10 posts from 2015.

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10. Improving Overhead Mobility and Transferring It To Handstands : “Overhead Shoulder Performance Complex” Example – This article covered some exercises I use in a mobility circuit to improve shoulder angles and overhead skills, broken down into a complex form to use in a large group/team setting.

9. Follow Up To Gymnast With Shoulder Instability and Pain During Overshoots – This was a popular article because it related to my treating one of my optional gymnasts who came to our gym with some shoulder instability and pain during bars. I covered her case and some exercises I had her do daily while resting from bars temporarily.

8. Breaking Down Handstand Components & Applying The Correct Exercise – There are many, many reasons a handstand can look off other than just stiff lats.  Finding the true issue and appropriately giving exercises to deal with the issue is key. Check this quick video breakdown where I go over some others.

7. Brain Spill #2: Thoughts on Movement Variability, Pain Science, and Overuse Injury – This was a clinical and rehab based post where I just put out a bunch of ideas I had on these topics based off of what research/literature I was reading.

6. Advice To CrossFit Athletes From A Gymnastics Coach, Physical Therapist, and Former Gymnast (Part 1) – My first ever formal post about CrossFit despite being involved in it and treating patients for a few years now. Many gymnasts contacted me and said they loved the way I shed some light on the gymnastics based CrossFit skills, and the importance of technique/progressions/basics. I tied it heavily into Power Monkey Camp content from the coaching staff.

5. 5 Minute Hip Mobility Warm Up – Exactly what it sounds like, a quick 5 minute hip mobility series full of drills I gave to an Olympic Weightlifter friend of mind and also some things I like to do personally in my warm up.

4. How Much Flexibility Is Too Much For A Gymnast? – This was a touchy one for some, but I strongly feel its important to understand. There are plenty of gymnasts who have naturally large flexibility ranges, and I think for them it’s better we teach them how to control it/be strong. I tied it to the optional gymnast from above with shoulder instability during bars.

3. Why I Don’t Use Ankle Weights With My Gymnasts – Read the article for my full thoughts, but I don’t feel using ankle weights for dynamic jumps/leaps/running/routines is the best route. I think it may be putting a lot of strain on the hip joint and changing the motor pattern. There are a few conditions I can see the benefit, which I outline within. I was able to share some thoughts from Dr. Bill Sands a well.

2. Gymnastics and Lifting Weights: Don’t Fear Plates, Kettlebells, and Barbells. – One of the most read/shared articles in the first week. I think using external load is very misunderstood in gymnastics, and due to it we are missing out on a huge performance booster/injury prevention method. Also research supports that properly programmed, supervised, technically correct periodized strength programs can be hugely beneficial to youth athletes.

1. Getting An Elite Gymnast’s Hips More Flexible By Not Stretching (Part 1) – This related to an elite gymnast with chronically tight hips who came to see me for treatment. With a good movement assessment, we were able to see some large gains (albeit temporary) in her flexibility without being aggressive in flexibility.

Notable Mention: Up until last week this list was accurate. However, last week I published a 3 Part articles series on passive flexibility methods in gymnastics that I really think we should move away from. These three articles generated 70,000 views in a week, so I had to put them in! Check this out here (Part 1 – Hip/Splits, Part 2 Shoulders/Bridges, Part 3 Knee/Lines)

I can promise you there are some very exciting new things coming for both the blog and company side of The Hybrid Perspective. From some GRS clinic announcements, to some great special guest bloggers, to some more Webcasts, to even some products I’m releasing for gymnastics education. Keep an eye out and have a great New Year!

Dr. Dave Tilley, DPT