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This drill was given to one of our girls by my boss (credit to her) for her leaps and layout step outs. I tweaked it around by adding the band, and by cueing the gymnast focus on a stable core and generating power from the hips. All of the important concepts mentioned on the website about gymnastics pre-hab, developing good movement patterns, and trying to increase a gymnasts performance have to be linked and tied back in to their gymnastics training. All the great concepts of learning and practice drills really only matter if you use the same principles for developing the gymnastics skills.

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Take this drill for example. I talk a lot about the importance of core control, bracing, and developing a solid base in the spine to prevent injury and also allow more power through the arms and legs. These same concepts can be blended into gymnastics drills with the right set up and coaching cues. In this drill, tie a elastic band to the handle of a vault trainer or any other stable object, then pull it over and loop it to the gymnasts feet (I strongly recommend you double check to make sure it’s secure on both ends, take it from personal experience). The gymnast is cued to brace the core in neutral and not allow any extending of the lower back. They quickly tighten the core, quickly bring the arms overhead to mimic a leap/jump/layout step out motion. From here they use the down hip to generate push off power (like for the single leg take off), then drive movement with the moving leg against the resistance band.

I also like this drill because it trains the core to quickly turn on and fire, then quickly turn off and relax which is incredibly important for gymnastics skills.The quality of this all is huge. The gymnast should be driving power through the hips and shoulders on top of a solid, braced lower spine and core. This drill incorporates the concepts of core control, generating hip power, and movement pattern training that has direct carry over for a gymnastics specific goal. Take the time to explain the purpose and what the drill should feel like, and build it in where it fits for you. Hope everyone likes it, more coming down the road.