There is no doubt that chronic stress levels and our modern society have huge impacts on body image, nutrition habits, and performance goals in youth athletes. This is even more so for a sport like gymnastics.

Along with my clinical work actually treating gymnasts or high school/college athletes for injuries, I do a ton of work in the fields of chronic stress, discussions on recovery including sports nutrition issues, and how to optimize sports performance. I truly believe that these concepts help build put health first, building great humans second, and finally building great gymnasts or athletes second.

Recently, I was very humbled and thankful to be asked by Kristen Poczulp to be a guest speaker on her huge new online “Ditch the Diet” conference.

Kristen is a huge educator and speaker/consultant in the fitness industry, with almost all of her time being spent in working with females. Due to my background in gymnastics and youth athletics, she asked me to join her conference for an interview talking about the role of nutrition and recovery in young female athletes, how stress impacts the body, and how I approach these topics with athletes being a male coach / medical provider. My 30-minute talk, along with all of the other 8 presenters including, my good buddy Dr. Seth Oberst, can all be found by clicking here. (

Her “Ditch The Diet” series, is completely free and intended for ALL people, male and female, young and old, high-level athlete or recreational fitness. During my chat, I shared some details on a huge new project, and offer people a special gift on the topics I discuss related to stress, nutrition, body image, and more specifically gymnastics.

If you want to hear my talk about stress, the impact it has on recovery/nutrition for youth athletes, and also hear all the other speakers, just check out the link below

Kristen Poczulp “Ditch The Diet” Free Online Educational Series

This was the first time I talked about a lot of these topics. I really think SHIFT followers will get a ton of value from it, as well as the other great speakers. More on to this coming, I promise. Enjoy!

-Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS

CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science