Hey all! Phew, we made it through another competitive season. I hope that everyone had a great end of the year, and is enjoying the little bit of down time before the most fun part of gymnastics, new skills. Along with playing around in the gym, pretty much all teams are looking for new ideas, ways to improve, and start brainstorming on their summer plans. This is the time that I am doing a ton of reading and attending gymnastics clinics to find new ideas to use. The problem is, I always find it tough when great clinics are at the very end of summer. I always learn a ton, but only have a few weeks left to try and implement them before preseason comes.

Knowing this issue, I wanted to make sure my information was readily available for those eager to make some training changes. To help, I wanted to celebrate the end of the season by giving a huge 30% discount on all my gymnastics educational products for this week only.

By entering “season30” into the coupon fields, you can get huge discounts on The SHIFT Gymnastics Volume 1 Ebook¬†(find it here) and my very popular online course with Rupert Egan, “Keys to Developing Flexibility and Strength in Gymnastics“(find it here).

To find “Keys to Developing Flexibility and Strength in Gymnastics” Online course, simply click here or the picture below. Enter “season30” to get the discount. This is a 6+ hour online course that literally covers live lecture, lab, and clinic demonstrations of essential principles for developing strength/power in athletes, maximizing flexibility, performance peaking during the competitive season, and way more. Along with the 6 hours of videos, there are 100’s more links to reading resources, exercise videos, places to find the research articles behind our thoughts, and downloadable PDF handouts to learn from.

To find “The SHIFT Gymnastics E-Book Vol 1: Optimizing Flexibility, Advanced Core Training, and Lower Back Injury Prevention“, click here or the picture below. Again, just enter “season30” to get the discount. This is a 200+ page e-book with hundreds of core exercises, flexibility drills, and step by step instruction on strategies to prevent lower back pain in gymnastics.¬†

I promise that the information in both these products will completely change the way you approach gymnastics training. Again, all you need to do is head to either link and enter “season30” into the discount coupon fields. Enjoy and happy summer training!

– Dave Tilley DPT, SCS