I recently got asked by Zari Goldmann to do an interview related to my work with gymnasts as a PT and a coach, the pre-hab program I created in our gym, how I try to reduce injury/increase performance based on my background in PT/coaching, and my thoughts regarding some current topics in gymnastics. I wanted to post the links to both parts, and parts 3 and 4 will be coming out in the next few weeks. Here they are

Part 1 – “Rehab and Prehab – What To Focus on with Dr. Dave Tilley

Part 2 ” If You Had Half An Hour Per Week For Pre-Hab, ¬†What Would You Do?


Can’t thank Zari enough for the opportunity to do the interview, was a lot of fun writing up some of my thoughts from the last year. Check out Swing Big for lots of great coaching drills, tips, and techniques. Take care,