Brand new announcement! Out of all the different areas in gymnastics I have evolved my thoughts the most on, my approaches to flexibility and strength have changed the greatest. It’s crucial that we understand and use the most current principles to maximize our gymnasts performance and also keep them safe. Join myself and my good friend Rupert Egan, MS in Physiology, NASM-PES for one of a kind gymnastics event Saturday July 23rd in Boston, MA. In this one time only seminar, we will be covering all of our current thoughts on flexibility and strength for gymnasts through lecture and live demonstration. Cutting edge methods will be taught to participants to help maximize performance and reduce injury risk for gymnasts. The main focus will be using scientific principles with easy, practical gym application the next day. This event will sell out fast, so don’t miss out! 


Maximize Flexibility and Strength v4

What Is It? – It is well known that flexibility and strength are two essentials to gymnastics success. Given it’s importance coaches, healthcare providers, and anyone involved in gymnastics should understand exactly what goes into training these areas. We must make sure our methods are scientifically supported, effective, and not risking injury over time. Using new research and updated ideas, gymnastics can enhance their athlete’s performance while reducing their injury risk. During this 1 day seminar of lecture and live breakout demonstration, you will learn all about

  • The scientific rationale behind commonly used flexibility and strength program in gymnastics
  • What flexibility and strength approaches should be avoided, due to concern for injury risk
  • How to make fast changes in flexibility that “stick”, and also that show up in gymnastics skills
  • How to individualize strength programs to large teams of gymnasts using screens and regression/progressions
  • How to plan for the entire year of training, so athletes can peak for big competitions
  • What you need to know about preventing over training and burnout
  • Lab demonstration, education, and hands on sessions

This seminar will be jam packed full of the most current information that will help completely change your gym’s approach to flexibility and strength. We promise you do not want to miss out!

Who Is This For? Gymnastics Coaches, Gym Owners, Healthcare Providers, Strength Coaches

When :  Saturday, July 16th from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Where: Champion Physical Therapy and Performance (108A Clematis Ave, Waltham MA 02453)

CostEarly Bird Ticket: $79 per person / Regular Ticket (After June 16th) – $99 per person

Again, all information for registration and early ticket pricing by clicking “Sign Up Now”