Two of the topics that many people involved in gymnastics frequently ask me about are

  1. Strength training principles, and how I approach a newer “hybrid model” of both body weight and external load based programs for gymnasts

  2. Ways to reduce injuries during training and plan for the entire competitive season

As much as I think writing blogs and filming videos helps, I always feel like people have a tough time making sense of it and getting practical applications for their gym. This can be frustrating for people.

To help out, for the first time ever I have taken one of my lectures and recorded it into an online lecture format. This 90 minute lecture titled “Essentials of Gymnastics Strength and Injury Prevention” 

This recorded power point and video lecture walks though,

  • My current thoughts of a hybrid body weight / weight lifting based gymnastics strength program

  • How power development can be created through a base of strength

  • My favorite strength, power, and cardio exercises I am currently using

  • How this links to lower back, knee, ankle, and shoulder injury prevention concepts

  • How I approach planning strength and cardio across the entire gymnastics competition year

How To Access The Lecture 

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I hope you enjoy the lecture! Best of luck,

– Dave Tilley DPT, SCS