This topics have¬†always been on the forefront of my brain, and over the last few years I have put a lot of thought into it. The question on if gymnasts training year round with no time off is always controversial. Along with this many gymnasts start start the sport at a young age, then only do gymnastics. This concept is called “early specialization” and is another very hot topic. Both of these areas have been talked about as links to injury risk, burnout syndrome, and possible limitations for performance. In a recent interview with Dr. Justin Rabinowitz, I was asked this about these topics and offered my thoughts. This was really the first time I offered my opinion up, knowing it’s against the grain of traditional gymnastics. Just my thoughts and opinions, but here’s the link to check it out.

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Part 3: Interview with Dave Tilley Part III: Early Specialization and Overuse in Gymnastics

I also realized that I forgot to post the link to Part 2, where I talked more specifically about our girls weight lifting program from the summer, and skillfully dodged the bullet of Cross Fit and Gymnastics together to save it for another time. Here’s that link as well,

Part 2: Interview with Dave Tilley Part II: CrossFit and Gymnastics

Hope everyone enjoys the reads. Thanks again to Dr. Rabinowitz for asking me on!

– Dave