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Gymnastics Nutrition: Myths and Misunderstandings with Dr. Jamie Schehr

As you can gather from the title, today is quite an important blog post. I have said many times that nutrition is without a doubt one of the most important aspects to performance and health in gymnastics. I have also been quick to say that I…

Must Have Nutrition, Mental Toughness, and Recovery Tips for Gymnasts

These tips from some friends of mine who are medical professionals, as well some tips from myself, were originally made for college gymnasts. They were the second part to this blog post offering advice from some of the best college…
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Gymnast Care Podcast With Dr. Josh Eldridge Part 2.

About a month ago, I posted the link to Part 1 of this podcast with Dr. Eldridge. We talked about some really interesting concepts about gymnastics injury, training, issues related to strength and conditioning, and my using integrated gymnastics…