Combating Achilles Tears In Gymnastics (Pt II): Pre-Hab Techniques and How To Help Possibly Reduce Injury

Last week in Part I of this post I outlined my thoughts on what some contributing factors may be to a gymnast suffering  an Achilles tear. I talked about some of the aspects related to the forces of gymnastics, biomechanical problems a gymnast may have like missing mobility, jumping and

Combating Achilles Tears In Gymnastics (Pt I): Investigating Possible Contributing Factors

The high rate of Achilles tears in gymnastics is something that has always blown my mind. As a gymnast going through high school and college, it seemed that every few months I heard about someone else loosing their season because they ruptured their Achilles. With new research and lots of information

Creating An Integrated Gymnastics Pre-Hab/Injury Management Model For Your Gym – What It Is, and Why It's Important

This blog has been up and running for about 4 months now, and I must say that I have been amazed about what has come with it. I really feel lucky to be in the position I am, being able to work in both the gymnastics/coaching world and the Physical Therapy world

Tackling Faulty Lower Spine and Hip Posture In Gymnasts (Pt II): How To Address The Possible Contributing Issues

Last week in Part I of this topic, I went over some contributing factors to gymnasts developing chronic archy back, or anterior pelvic tilting. I also outlined how this may link to possible progressive/traumatic injuries,  and decreased skill performance with gymnastics based skills.  If the issue gets to the point

Building An Inexpensive Gymnastics Preventative Rehabilitation Toolbox For Your Gym

Over the last few months, I have highlighted a lot of ways that coaches and gymnasts can incorporate preventative rehabilitation (pre-hab) techniques into their every day gymnastics life. I always strive to take exercises, techniques, or set ups that gymnasts can use directly in the gym using equipment around them.

Impact Based Ankle Pain in Gymnasts: Understanding Why and Possible Ways to Assist with Injury Reduction

In another post I wrote last week, I discussed how ankle instability and chronic ankle sprains  can be problematic for gymnasts to deal with. This week I wanted to continue on that path addressing another common  problem, ankle pain related to impact activities like landing, dismounting, and tumbling. There are certain

Is The Way Your Spot Setting You Up for a Shoulder Injury? (Part II – Preventative Rehabilitation )

In Part I of this topic, I went over why practicing safe spotting techniques may reduce your possibility of a progressive or traumatic shoulder injury. Instead of going into more background information, I decided it would be more beneficial discuss the shoulder pre-hab information. I think that this content is

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