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Beyond all of the blog posts, information sharing, and seminars I have a few overreaching principles for the gymnastics division of SHIFT. One is to hopefully make a positive impact on the people in gymnastics, in an effort to move the needle forward and help the sport evolve. This is because I was lucky to have positive influences throughout my gymnastics career that taught me important values, and helped shape me into leading the life I am lucky to have. Second, I strongly believe in giving back to the gymnastics community and helping people as much as possible, especially in tough times of need.

Today, I’m asking a huge favor of the SHIFT Community based on these core principles, and offering the chance to win some big SHIFT Prizes in return. I am organizing a “Charity Challenge” to help support a local gymnastics facility near Boston, Massachusetts Elite Gymnastics Academy (MEGA).


MEGA’s New Opening, Flooded Pits, and $60,000 Repair Bill

To make a long story short, MEGA was opened in the summer of 2016 by Levon Karakhnyan. Levon created MEGA after the previous facility he trained gymnasts at, New England Sports Academy, unfortunately, suffered unforeseen asbestos complications. All of the gymnasts and Levon spent an entire year traveling to different gyms to train, in an effort to keep their gymnastics careers afloat while MEGA was being built.

Just months after finally opening for full training this past year, it was found that faulty concrete engineering that caused 2 feet of rainwater to flood into all the newly built pits. This has not only ruined the pits and all of the expensive foam but has also forced a minimum of $60,000 in repair costs on MEGA. Anyone involved in running a new gym knows the financial burden is unbelievable. Getting crushed with $60,000 of extra unbudgeted expenses right out of the gate is enough to close a gym for good before it gets started.

I refuse to let that happen, as Levon has been an absolute rock in the gymnastics community for years (he coached me when I was 15 at camps). He has produced and been involved with athletes consistently at the regional, national, and Olympic level. Not to mention he continues to help keep the sport of men’s gymnastics alive, being very involved within the national community and continuing to press on despite many setbacks.


How to Help MEGA, Win The Challenge/Prizes, and Do Good In The World!

Here is where the power of the SHIFT Community and winning SHIFT prizes come in. I recently talked to Levon and he said they had a deal worked out where only $20,000 from his direct expenses need immediate fundraising to get the project started. A Go Fund Me page has recently been created, showing they are just under $6500 of the way there. I want to help dominate raising the last $13,500 and to do it, I am going to run a charity fundraising challenge this week (challenge deadline is Friday at 3:00 pm E.T) offering SHIFT Prizes for the two winners. Raising this money would take the significant strain off of MEGA and help Levon, not to mention all of the gymnasts that are at risk for not having a place to train.

The TWO winners (read challenge submissions below) of this fundraising contest will win

1 – A free 60 minute Skype consult with me to talk about whatever you want to improve your gym, consult on injury prevention or strength programs, talk nerdy PT and rehabilitation stuff, tell jokes, whatever.

2- Five Free SHIFT Training T-Shirts for you and 4 other of your staff members, gymnasts, family, or whoever you want. These shirts are not currently available for public purchase, but I keep a secret stash.


3 – Free Access to the hugely popular new online course, “Keys To Developing Flexibility and Strength in Gymnastics” I co – created with Rupert Egan


4 – Free Access to Monkey Method: Movement Essentials, the online course and 200-page guide I made with my friend Dan Pope on optimizing handstands, muscle ups, and Olympic Weightlifting movements.


5 – A Free Copy of my Gymnastics E-Book on maximizing flexibility, advanced core training, and preventing back pain in gymnastics.


So, here is how to enter to win the charity challenge!

Option #1 – Win the Random Drawing through “Virtual Tickets”

For every $10 you donate to the MEGA Go Fund Me Page (find it here – https://www.gofundme.com/mega-gymnastics), you or your gym will gain one virtual “ticket” entry into a random drawing for the prizes package above.  So, if you or your gym donate $10 you get 1 virtual ticket, $50 = 5 tickets, $100 = 10 tickets, and so on. At the end of the week, a name will be chosen to be the winner!

Following your donation, I just ask that you email me at [email protected] with your name, donation amount, the virtual ticket equivalent. Once I cross check with the Go Fund Me page I will make the tickets for you, enter you in the pool, and send you email confirmation back. If you would rather remain anonymous for the Go Fund Me Page, I totally understand but still ask you send me the email to be entered in the drawing. This will make my life a lot easier come Friday, so thanks in advance!

Option #2 – Contribute the Highest Single Donation

When this contest ends on Friday, April 21st at 3:00 pm E.T, I will check out the submissions and see the highest single donation. That person will automatically win one of the two prize packages above. That person and their virtual “tickets” will be removed from the random drawing above. Then, the second winner will be drawn from the remaining ticket submissions.

Here is The Link to MEGA’s Go Fund Me Page



So there it is, lots of ways to help out MEGA and in the process get some great information and prizes as we head into summer training. I got this idea from a company called Digital Marketer that I learn from, and they made a huge impact with their efforts. I am hoping to do the same.

Remember, this challenging contest is going on for the next week until Friday at 3:00 pm E.T! So do not wait, make sure you get your entries in ASAP. I plan to make a personal donation as well, and hope that you can all find it in your hearts to skip a few coffee’s to help a much deserving gym in need. Looking forward to seeing the challenge roll out and make some people happy! Take care,

Dave Tilley DPT, SCS