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$9 USD/month or
$90 USD/year (2 months free!)

The Hero Lab

SHIFT’s Premiere Online Gymnastics
Education and Networking Platform

Monthly Gymnastics Education Webinars
International Network of Gymnastics Experts
Private Discussion Group for Getting Help

Preventing Back Pain in Gymnastics E-Book

A 240 page, 7 Chapter E-Book

Understanding and Preventing Back Pain
Hip and Shoulder Flexibility Guides
100’s of Advanced Core Training Exercises
Medical and Movement Screens for Gymnasts

$39 USD

Keys to Developing Flexibility
and Strength
in Gymnastics Online Course

6+ Hour Online Course

Steps to Build and Implement Strength Programs
Step by Step Guides for Hip and Shoulder Flexibility
How to Plan for Competitive Seasons
Injury Prevention and Pre-Hab Techniques

$129 USD

GymCon 2018 – Online Digital Course

5+ Hour Online Course

The worlds most sought after gymnastics continuing education course
Hosted by Nick Ruddock, and featuring special guests
Nick Ruddock – Consultant to 18 National Gymnastics Teams
Valorie Kondos Field – UCLA Head Coach
Niles Wilson – Olympic Gymnast for Great Britain –
Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS – CEO of SHIFT

$259 USD

Gymnastics Physical Preparation Masterclass

6 Hour Online Course

Previously recorded seminar with over 400 members from 13 countries,
this course covers the latest cutting-edge science and elite coaching
techniques for Physical Preparation. Lectures include lower body strength, developing explosive power, essential gymnastics shaping, core strength drills, plyometric training, hip flexibility, shoulder flexibility, and more.

$159 USD

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Peak Shoulder Performance: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Out of Pain and Returning To High Level Fitness

10+ Hour Online Course by Dr. Dan Pope and Dr. Dave Tilley

Understand Why Shoulder Pain Occurs
Exercises to Increase Mobility and Strength
Step by Step Progressions to Get Back to Advanced Skills
100’s of Exercise Videos
Pull Ups, Benching, Olympic Lifts, Gymnastics, and More
Downloadable Worksheets and PDFs to Use

$199 USD

Monkey Method: Movement Essentials
The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Fixing
Technical Faults in Handstands, Muscle Ups and Olympic Lifts

200 Page E-Book and Exercise Video Guide

Mobility guides for overhead flexibility, squats, front rack, dips, and Olympic Lifts
Strength and Stability Drills for Handstands, Snatches, and Jerks
Movement screen tutorials for every movement
200+ Exercise Library for reference

$129 USD