The 2023 SHIFT Symposium

A 3 Day Virtual Gymnastics Event To Teach You Cutting Edge  Techniques From Experts

Friday, June 23rd - Sunday June 25th, 2023


You missed out!

Day 1 - Gymnastics medical Care & Rehabilitation
Day 2 - Gymnastics Coaching (split Mens/Womens tracks)
Day 3 - Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning

A 3 day online gymnastics education event giving you 30 live lectures from the worlds leading experts in gymnastics coaching, conditioning, and medical care (saving you 100s of hours and $1000s of dollars) without having to leave your couch. 

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30 Expert Speakers, 2 Celebrity Keynote Speakers

Announcements Coming Weekly!

Get The Exact Drills, and Exercises You Need To Skyrocket Gymnastics Performance and Be Happier At Work

“I had to pick between other big gymnastics coaching conferences and the SHIFT Symposium last year.

I am so happy that I picked the Symposium, I have learned SO much.

I was able to gain amazing gymnastics coaching knowledge without having to travel and it was worth every penny.”

- Kelly S
Gymnastics Coach & 2022 Symposium Attendee

"I found the gymnastics event and drill lectures to be amazing with very specific examples of how they achieve what they achieve with skill progressions.

We paid for 5 of our staff to go, and everyone loved it. Absolutely amazing!"

- Sarah M.
Gymnastics Coach & Gymnastics Mom

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How It Works

How The SHIFT Symposium Works 

Step 1 - Enroll via Teachable

We've been to gymnastics education events, and know how stressful it can be trying to keep track run around to lectures all day.

So, we removed all that. 

To make your life as easy as possible, we will set up and prepare the entire weekend in advance for you. 

Even better, YOU decide which days you would like to watch, simply sign up using either 1 Day, 2 Day, or 3 Day options. 

Simply sign up, enroll via Teachable, and thats it! We do everything else for you.

Step 2 - Prep, Log In, and Learn!

You know what else stinks about some gymnastics educational events?

Endless writing and taking videos on your phone.

There is nothing worse than wanting to listen, but feeling like you need to write down everything on the slides or film 137 videos to remember the drills you like.

So, again we will take care of that for you.
The week before the event, we will send you a zip file that has ALL of the lecture slide PDFs and handouts so you do not have to do a thing. 

When the day of the event comes, simply log in to Zoom and learn from your couch in your pajamas!

No travel, hotels, or stress.

Step 3 - Rewatch Lectures, FOMO Free

One of the most stressful parts about most live gymnastics education events - missing out on lectures. 

As you can probably guess, we fixed that for you too!

Even though we have a separate Women's and Men's track, and long jam packed days, we will record every lecture so you can get them ALL.

We will also log EVERY Question and Answer session within the chat/live post lecture, transcribe them into a word document, and uploaded them into the modules for you to have.

Can't attend a lecture live? No problem.

Catch on your own time, when it fits your schedule, from the comfort of your own home.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up!

Admission To Every Live Lecture via Zoom

Once you enroll, you will be eligible to enter our private live Zoom session in June to watch every single one of the 30 lectures from the worlds most expert gymnastics coaches, medical providers, and strength coaches.

Full Lifetime Access to ALL Lecture Recordings 

Following the live weekend in June, we will upload every single lecture recording to our platform, and you will have lifetime access to rewatch all of them, whenever you want, forever.

Live Q&A Sessions With Every Expert Gymnastics Speaker

Even though we have 30+ hours of amazing lecture content, we know YOU have questions. During lectures and after, you will have the chance to ask anything you want to our expert panel fo speakers!

Networking with 1000s of Gymnastics Professionals From Around the World

This will be the worlds biggest virtual gymnastics educational event, period. Connect with like minded people in your area to grow your network!

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Bonus 1
Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours with our fully virtual event

We know that people are very busy, and that it is difficult to carve out 5 full days to travel to events, not to mention pay $1000s of dollars for flights, hotels, food, and more.

So, we are making life easy for you. You will be able to enjoy 3 days of world class gymnastics education from the comfort of your couch, without having spend any time or money traveling. Can't make a lecture or certain day? No problem. Come back and watch the recordings whenever it fits your schedule best. 

Bonus 2
Free Lecture PDF Zip File with Every Lecture Slide, Drill, and Handout

We want you to be completely prepared, and completely happy with every lecture. 

So, in addition to the live lecture material, we will send you a zip file in advance that has copies of all 30 lecture slides and handouts to keep. 

Bonus 3
Exclusive Access to All Q&A Sessions with Speakers

We know that people have questions for our expert panel, so we wanted to make sure you had priority access to ask!

During and after each live session, speakers will be available online to answer any specific questions you have about the material. Fire away!

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What Sets This The SHIFT Symposium Apart

After 10 years of relentless work from myself and The SHIFT Team, we have one single mission with the 2023 SHIFT Symposium:

Provide as much value as possible to the gymnastics community, at a low cost.

We listened to the community, heard their biggest worries, and made sure to provide solutions such as 

Worry #1 - It's too expensive 

The Symposium will save you $1000s of dollars (literally) by not having to pay for travel, hotel, food, and speaker fees for 30 experts. For gyms sending their whole staff, you will save $10,000 or more.

Worry #2 - It's too much time 

The Symposium will save you 100s of hours of time by not having to travel to live events or research on your own.

Worry #3 - I'll miss out on lectures 

You will have lifetime access to every lecture recording, PDF slide set, and handout.  

Worry #4 - It's only  for high level coaches 

Lectures and speakers were picked for all levels and ranges based on community surveys. 

Worry #5 - I'm not good with technology 

We will email you a Zoom link each day of the event, and with 3 clicks you will be in. We also have a full support team before and during the event for you.

I promise you, this will be the best investment you have ever made for gymnastics education.

See you there : )

- Dave Tilley
CEO/Founder of SHIFT

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At SHIFT, we pride ourselves on making sure our educational courses are the highest possible quality. 

I'm so confident in our Symposium, that if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, just send us an email after the event and we will refund your entire order. Period. 

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Standard Price Tickets

To register, click the corresponding button below for which individual ticket, or ticket bundle, you would like. 

Group Pricing 

To register a group of participants (5+ minimum) for an additional 10% discount, please email our team at [email protected]! 

Day 1 (Medical)
Day 2 (Coaching)
Day 3 (Strength & Conditioning)

1 Day Tickets



Access to 1 single day of the 2023 SHIFT Symposium of participants choice

2 Day Bundles


(Save $200)

Access to 2 days of the 2023 SHIFT Symposium of participants choice

3 Day Ticket Bundles


(Save $400)

Access to all 3 days of the 2023 SHIFT Symposium, full weekend pass 

Day 1 Approved for 6.5 PT/AT CEU Units

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Via Zoom or Teachable?


The registration process is through our main hosting platform, Teachable. 

However, the actual lectures and daily schedule will be through individual Zoom meetings. 

After registering and creating an account in Teachable, participant will be emailed access to their selected courses. 

Then, as the weekend approaches we will send participants a full folder of the Zoom links, lecture slides, and handouts.

This way, people can log back in to re-watch the recordings whenever they want!


Is This Event In Person or Virtual?

This event is 100% Virtual. 

It will be hosted through Teachable, and the individual lectures will be hosted through Zoom.


What is Each Day's Focus?

Day 1 is focused on Gymnastics Medical Care and Rehabilitation. While all are welcome, it will be primarily for Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Sports Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, and other healthcare professionals. 

Day 2 is focused on Artistic Gymnastics Coaching. While all are welcome, it will be primarily for men's and women's artistic gymnastics coaches. 

Day 3 is focused on Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning. While are are welcome, it will be primarily for gymnastics coaches, strength & conditioning coaches, and gymnastics medical providers. 


Can I Attend 1 or 2 Days?

Yes! We wanted to serve every possible need the gymnastics community had. 

So, there are 1 day, 2 day, and 3 day ticket options available where you can pick which days you wish to attend.


How Long Do I Have Access To The Lectures?

How does forever sound?

Following the end of the Symposium, we will take every lecture recording and handout, and upload them back to Teachable for participants to watch. 

You have lifetime access to all materials and lecture slides!


Is It for Women's & Men's?

You bet! 

We wanted to make sure both Men's and Women's gymnastics was represented. 

For the Day 2 that is specific to gymnastics coaches, there will be two separate tracks with 7 unique lectures for Men's and 7 separate unique for Women's. 

Those who enroll can go back and watch the lectures in the other track if they wish!


What If I Can't Attend That Weekend?

First, we will miss you

Second, no need to worry. 

Once we upload all of the lecture materials, the entire Symposium will be available for purchase!

Is It Only for Artistic Gymnastics?

While there is benefit for all people involved in Gymnastics (and outside gymnastics) to learn, the 2nd Day of Gymnastics Coaching is primarily for Artistic Gymnastics. 

Day 1 and Day 3 has information that all disciplines can benefit from.

While we hope to expand our Symposium to all disciplines in the future, for our first event we have decided to focus on these areas to create less complexity for our team to handle.


Is Group Pricing Available?

Yes! We want as many people as possible to be able to join. 

An additional 10% off from the already discounted early bird price is offered to groups of 5+ from the same gym.

Please email [email protected] to get set up!


Can PT/ATs Get CEUs?

Yes! The First Day of the Symposium for Medical Providers has been submitted for both groups to get CEUs, and after last year was approved we have full faith this will be as well. 

This course has been submitted for 7.5 Category A CEU Units by the BOC for Athletic Trainers. 

This course has been submitted for 7.5 CEU Units in 40 States (other 10 others open for reciprocity submission) for Physical Therapists.

Details on submission within the course!

Is This Course Approved for NSCA Units?

While we have not submitted the S&C day for NSCA CEU units, the NSCA does allow you to submit up for .5 CEU your own for personal development. 

We recommend that Strength and Conditioning Coaches looking to gain CEUs for their CSCS maintenance  use this avenue. 

Please see here for more information -


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