There are a handful of universally frustrating things in gymnastics that make gymnasts, parents, and coaches equally stressed out. One of them is mental blocks on skills, or trying to help gymnasts take control of their fears.

Dr. Alison Arnold is one of the most internationally known mental health providers in gymnastics and has helped 1000’s of gymnasts with these issues.

I was really fortunate to interview her recently on my podcast, and it ended up being one of the most helpful discussions I’ve ever had. We dove right into how to help with many common problems in gymnastics like

  • What step by step system coaches and gymnasts can use to help gymnasts get over mental blocks
  • Tools people can use to manage global levels of anxiety, fear, and stress in athletes
  • Helping athletes who are burnt out, frustrated, and talking about quitting gymnastics
  • Dealing with our current reality of social media and comparison
  • How to help gymnasts working through injury frustrations
  • Personal development tips for coaches and parents to manage their stress levels in the gym

This is an absolute must-listen podcast, so be sure to check it out below!

The SHIFT Show – Dr. Ali Arnold, PhD on Helping Gymnasts Through Mental Blocks,
and Low Motivation Levels