Learn How To Maximize Flexibility and Strength for Gymnastics  

"We have seen huge success during our gymnastics training by implementing the new flexibility and strength ideas within this course." 

Chad Buczek - Owner of Metro South Gymnastics Academy, Former Division 1 Gymnast at Penn State

"This information is priceless. If you are serious about helping your gymnasts perform better and stay safer, then you must invest your time in learning whats inside this new course."

James Parent - Vice President of Tumbl Trak 

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A New Online Educational Course For Gymnastics Professionals That Will Revolutionize Your Training.  

Increase Hip and Shoulder Flexibility for Better Lines and Shaping

Enhance Strength and Power For Bigger Skills

 Learn Cutting Edge Training Techniques and Reduce Injury Risk

Stop Feeling Frustrated By Flexibility and Strength Training 

Gymnastics coaches and medical providers working with gymnasts are on a constant search for ways to increase strength, power, and flexibility for athletes. They want to find methods that improve these areas safely, and in a way that will directly skyrocket gymnastics skill performance to score better in meets. Most importantly, they want flexibility, strength, and power changes that stick around long term. 

Here's the problem: despite hours in the gym training flexibility and strength, many people in gymnastics see limited progress and no increase in gymnastics performance. There are a few reasons for this. For one, there is a massive amount of information available in our current technology filled age. Online forums, videos, and various coaching opinions combined with all of the information that can be picked up from live gymnastics clinics is enough to make your head spin. This large amount of information makes it hard for all of us in gymnastics to sort out what is credible, scientifically supported, and can easily be used in the gym to see positive results. Along with this, due to every gymnast being so different it's hard to know what are the best flexibility or strength exercises to use, and what is the safest approach that won't increase injury risk. This leaves everyone involved in gymnastics feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused about what to do. 

The reason I know these feelings of frustration all too well? I have been in the exact same spot. As a dual gymnastics coach and Sports Physical Therapist who specializes in the treatment of gymnasts, I have felt this exact frustration. I know what it feels to be overwhelmed and frustrated when approaching flexibility and strength training for the gymnasts I work with on a weekly basis.

Here's the solution: Due to feeling really lost, I spent the last 5 years reading research, talking with medical and strength professionals, trying some new ideas, and seeking the best methods for gymnastics flexibility and strength. The good news is, I believe there is a better way.  By combining traditional gymnastics flexibility and strength methods with brand new scientific principles, myself and many other gymnastics coaches, medical providers, and gymnasts I work with have revolutionized the way they approach gymnastics trainingIt has lead directly to increased performance, and reduced injury rates. With this new online educational course, now you can too.  

Now for the first time, anyone in gymnastics can get the most current, cutting edge information about this new hybrid model of flexibility and strength we put together. Rupert and I have been working like crazy to make an online course that everyone can learn from. You can learn incredible new gymnastics training concepts that increase flexibility, maximize power for bigger skills, reduce injury risk, and are also easily used in gymnastics training the next day. Get the exact information and techniques we have used to successfully used with hundreds of gymnasts on a weekyl basis. The best part? It is all online which means you can do it right from the comfort of your own couch, at your own pace, when you have time. No need to travel far away, take time off work, or book hotels

This full 6 module course has 8+ hours of live video content, 100's of flexibility and strength exercisesstep by step instructions on how to do new exercises, downloadable worksheets, and hours of additional references in each subject area. We have created it using the highly popular online educational platform, Teachable, which can be accessed on any computer, tablet, or phone. . If you have an iOS device, you can even take your course with you on the go by downloading the Teachable App.

Anyone involved in gymnastics can now get a full guide to learning these new techniques, and all of the tools they need to revolutionize the way they approach gymnastics training. This way they can spend more time getting excited when gymnasts get new skills, feel confident in what they are doing for flexibility or strength is working, know they are working to reduce injury risk, and ultimately help their gymnast's perform better at meets for better scores. Don't miss out on our exclusive first week discount, enroll in our new course today! I promise you will love everything we have to offer. 

- Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS

CEO and Founder of SHIFT Movement Science and Gymnastics Education

Sports Physical Therapist, Gymnastics Coach, Former J.O. and Collegiate Gymnast ​

What People are Saying About the Course?

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

          "I firmly believe it is time for us gymnastics professionals to open our eyes and minds to improved systematic approaches that get our athletes stronger and keep them healthier. SHIFT's online course "Keys to Developing Flexibility and Strength in Gymnastics" does exactly that. It educates the gymnastics professional to have great conceptual ideas and new practical applications for gymnastics flexibility, strength and training principles.

          The ideas are backed by current science but 100% gymnastics specific. The concepts can not only be replicated, but tweaked and worked into every type of program at every level. We have been implementing these new flexibility and strength ideas during our gymnastics training with huge success. The courses format is simple to follow and the resources included with the videos are perfect for taking the concepts covered and applying them directly into your program."

Chad Buczek - Owner of Metro South Gymnastics Academy

Former Division 1 Gymnast at Penn State  

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

         "Tumbl Trak was built around keeping athletes healthy and taking the stress off the athletes body. In the same way, the information that Dave and Rupert provide in this new course will not only keep the athletes healthy but it will provide a new way of thinking. The question of "why do we do certain exercises?" constantly plagues everyday training. After the course you will be able to have a yearlong plan as your base. The information that Dave talks about helps give a new way of looking at training and why certain exercises can help one kid but can actually hinder another. This information is priceless. If you are serious about making your gymnasts perform better and safer, then you need to invest your time into learning this info.

         The sport of gymnastics has changed drastically over the last couple decades, however, our strength and flexibility training has not evolved with it. Dave is bringing a greater understanding of how to keep your athletes healthy and in turn .

          From a business owners perspective, if you buy this information for your coaches and it keeps only one kid in your gym for 1 month longer because she isn't injured you immediately made your money. However, this information can keep your whole team healthy, happy, and staying at your gym for many years. That just makes financial sense."

James Parent - Vice President of Tumbl Trak 

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

        "Through my years in the gymnastics industry training in elite and now being a gym owner, I have seen coaches get very frustrated with athletes inability to move properly and assume it was because the athlete was not taking the necessary steps of stretching hard enough or putting in extra work to gain the range of motion to execute skills. With the knowledge you gain from Dr. Dave Tilley's SHIFT Online Course you will quickly realize it is not just a lack of effort on the athletes part! Dr. Tilley and Rupert will walk you through an easy and more effective process of helping your athletes gain proper mobility through soft tissue exercises. They also give you brand new insight into a new, hybrid model of gymnastics strength, power, and cardio training that will help increase skill performance. 

         Coaches can avoid so many frustrations they have had in the past! Dr. Tilley will also provide you with tools to help prevent many of the common and avoidable injuries athletes in the sport of gymnastics face. Being a gym owner, I love that I can confidently refer my coaches to buying the SHIFT Online Program, and have them gain the required knowledge to improve our programs to better serve our athletes long term. Having personally suffered from an overuse injury in gymnastics, I am very passionate about making sure we keep our young athletes healthy both now and for their future. Investing in the SHIFT Online Program is a step you will not regret! Start educating yourself and your coaches today!"

Vanessa McCoy - Owner of PEAK Gymnastics and Fitness

How Much Does It Cost?

"Keys to Developing Flexibility and Strength in Gymnastics" is available for a one time payment of just $129. We want everyone to be able to get their hands on it, so don't miss out on this exclusive initial launch price before time runs out!


We believe in delivering high quality content that will truly help everyone in gymnastics become more educated, and get the results they want. To stand by this, if you are not 100% satisfied with the course simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund.


Your Course Instructors 

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS

CEO / Founder of SHIFT Movement Science 

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified in Sports Physical Therapy 

Team Gymnastics Coach

Former J.O and Collegiate Gymnast at Springfield College 

Rupert Egan MS, NASM  - PES

Master of Science in Physiology 

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Team Gymnastics Coach

Former J.O and Collegiate Gymnast at The College of William and Mary 

What Does The Course Cover?

Module 1 - "Optimizing Flexibility: Updating Our Methods and Making Changes Stick (Lecture)"

Duration: 2h 15m

In this module, Dr. Dave Tilley covers the current research thoughts and practical applications for gymnastics flexibility training 

Module 3 - "Implementing Ideas Practically to the Competitive Gymnastics Year"

Duration: 1hr 15m

In this module, Rupert and Dave review how to practically implement the flexibility and strength concepts into the competitive gymnastics training year through periodization. 

Module 5 - "Strength Lab Demonstration and Hands on Explanations"

Duration: 1h 45m

Dave and Rupert cover a 75 minute strength lab covering a variety of basic exercise techniques, progressions, regressions, and hybrid drills for gymnasts to utilize 

Module 2 - "Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning Essentials (Lecture)"

Duration: 1h 45m

In this module, Rupert Egan covers essential gymnastics strength and conditioning principles needed to enhance performance 

Module 4 - "Flexibility Lab Demonstration and Hands on Explanations"

Duration: 2h 5m

In this module, Dave and Rupert cover a 90 minute flexibility lab for proper stretching methods, self soft tissue work, full range of motion control exercises, and more 

Module 6 - "Live Q&A, Conclusions, The Next Steps"

Duration: 45m

In this module, Dave and Rupert first cover a 30 minute audience Q&A session, and concluding/application thoughts are offered 

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