The Gymnastics Culture Cure

A Step by Step Workbook To Improve Your Happiness and Performance in Gymnastics

Stop feeling burnt out and frustrated working in gymnastics 

The Culture Cure is your ultimate step-by-step guide designed to improve your happiness, revitalize your gym's excitement, and skyrocket performance.

Dr. Dave Tilley shares the best advice from successful gyms that are full of happy, healthy, higher-performing gymnasts and coaches. Learn the best tools for creating an effective coaching staff, motivating gymnasts, boosting practice productivity, working with parents, and more.

Toxic gymnastics cultures, when left unchecked, erode everyone inside making a massive negative impact on their health and performance while healthy gymnastics cultures, when nourished, elevate everyone to their highest levels of enjoyment in the sport.

Using his experience consulting with the worlds best club, NCAA, and elite teams, as well as thousands of hours recording podcasts, Dr. Tilley shares the exact practical steps people in gymnastics must use advice for building thriving cultures and preventing toxic ones.

This digital workbook is 10 years in the making, with 90+ pages of in depth gymnastics culture information over 5 chapters and 25 hands on exercises covering

  • Managing burnout and frustration
  • How to be happier working in gymnastics
  • Motivating gymnasts at practice
  • Working with parents, coaches and medical professionals
  • Physical and mental preparation techniques
  • and MUCH more

Get comprehensive, step by step guide for being happier working in gymnastics, improving your gyms culture, and increasing performance for everyone. 

The Gymnastics Culture Cure Workbook

This digital workbook is a comprehensive, summary guides for the exact tools, techniques, exercises, and exercises you need to be happier working in gymnastics and improve the performance of yourself and the gymnasts you work with. 

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Following the conclusion of the book launch, Dave Tilley and Eva Shute hosted a private live Zoom Q&A call, where you can any and all questions you have about gymnastics culture and improving your own happiness working in gymnastics!

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Dave Tilley has created a special lectures on gymnastics culture that he teaches to club, NCAA, and elite teams he consults with. As another special bonus, you will get instant access to this lecture to further improve your learning as you work through the material. 

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We know that people are tight on time and money, so as another third additional free bonus once the Q&A call is done, we will send you a summary transcript of all the notes, handouts, exercises, and tools that were discussed. That way you always have it to reference!

Here’s what people are saying about The Gymnastics Culture Cure 

Kaysha Heck

Sports Physical Therapist
and Gymnastics Coach

"Dave's information on gymnastics culture is an absolute game changer. 

As a busy coach and medical provider, I know all too well how hard it can be working in the sport. 

We have gone through some tough times these last 5 years with gymnastics culture changing so much, and Dave's advice in The Gymnastics Culture Cure offers people clear, simple, and practical steps they can take to be happier in the sport. 

I can't recommend this book enough to anyone working in gymnastics!

Courtney Kamberalis

Former Level 10 
and NCAA Gymnast

"I had 2 ankle surgeries, back pain, and a shoulder injury in my career which all were extremely difficult to manage in my club and college settings given the culture we had. 

Along with Dave's advice on my injuries, the concepts he talks about related to prioritizing your mental / emotional health as a gymnast, and taking steps to really make sure that you are communicating about your goals, were life saving for me. 

Thanks to Dave's guidance with concepts he talks about in his new book, I was able to stay in gymnastics all the way through college, finish my career how I wanted, and ended up going to Physical Therapy school myself! I can't thank Dave enough. 

Mike Reinold

Sports Physical Therapist
Athletic Trainer
Co-Owner of Champion PT 

"I've seen Dave use the exact techniques from this new book in the clinic and in his consulting practice - and they work. 

It's been so great to see first hand how the ideas around updating the gymnastics culture to modern, science based techniques can make such a massive impact on the happiness and health of both the professionals working in the sport and the gymnasts who are training. 

It's conversations like this that can really move the needle, and help people get to a better place. This is a must read for anyone in gymnastics. 

What's Inside The E-Book?


Chapter 1 - Discovering Yourself

At the core of the healthiest, highest performing gymnastics cultures, are happy individuals. In this chapter, we break down exactly what people need to do to make sure they understand their motivation and reasons for pursuing work in gymnastics.


Chapter 2 - Changing Yourself First

Once we know what things we want to change about our lives to be happier working in gymnastics, the next step is to act on. The subsections and exercises in this chapter will give you clarity on exactly how to change those small habits to enjoy your day to day life in gymnastics more, and positively impact the culture. 


Chapter 3 - Crafting A Gym Culture

Once we have the basics of ourselves sorted, we can then move to work on the basics of an incredible gym culture. This requires creating trust, having fluid communication, creating cultural guidelines, and more. We walk you through each step in this chapter. 


Chapter 4 - Athlete Foundations

At the end of the day, without the gymnasts themselves we don't have much of a gym culture. In this chapter, we share the exact pillars of performance that coaches, parents, and medical staff need to focus on in order to help create a high performing environment to help gymnasts reach their goals, while staying healthy and happy. 


Chapter 5 - It Takes A Village

Lastly, we cover some of the most important components to a fantastic gym culture - coaching staffs, parents, medical providers, and other support staff. We break down the sometimes hard pieces of letting go of coaches who might not be a good fit, and working with parents. 


Exercise Index & Resources

Throughout the book we have 25 exercises that correspond to each individual subsection of the book. In the index, we have provide full pages of blank templates so that readers can repeat the exercises, or print them off and do them with others.  

Here are some workbook previews!

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About The Book Author,
Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS

Dr. Dave Tilley was a competitive gymnast, competing collegiately, and has 16 years of coaching experience currently working in optional levels. He has his Doctorate in Physical Therapy, is Board Certified in Sports Physical Therapy, and is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. 

Along with this clinical work, Dave conducts research on gymnastics injuries, workload tracking, and sports performance. He has worked with thousands of gymnasts, ranging from the recreational to elite international level, and regularly speaks both nationally and internationally about Gymnastics Sports Medicine. He regularly consults with the worlds best gymnastics programs at the club, elite, and NCAA level. 

Here's What People Are Saying About Dr. Dave Tilley

Nick Ruddock

Elite International Gymnastics Coach
Consultant to 21 Gymnastics Nations

"Dave produces world class content that I trust 110%.

You can't help but feel inspired when you spend time with Dave.

He is changing the sport of gymnastics for the better, and I know that his knowledge will bring you massive value."

Emma Winer

Former Division 1 NCAA Gymnast

"As a collegiate gymnast, I'm SO grateful for Dave and his work.

Dave has helped me come back from stress fractures in my shin, a Lisfranc fracture in my foot, and surgery for a labrum tear in my shoulder.

Thanks to Dave, I was able to get back to all my events and compete through college!

James Parent

CEO of Tumbl Trak

"Dave is a truly incredible resource.

If you are working with gymnasts and care about their health and well being, you must invest in Dave's materials.

He goes above and beyond to give the gymnastics community the latest science based and easily applicable information."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the E-Book?

As soon as you checkout, a log in link will be sent to you for you to download the E-book!

Can I buy this book even if I don't work in high level gymnastics?

Yep! Dave Tilley intentionally wrote this book to be universally applicable across all levels and roles working in gymnastics. From the brand new recreational coach to the well seasoned coach, from the every day parent to the assisting medical provider, this book has something to offer. 

How will I get the Zoom and Lecture Link?

We would never want you to be unhappy! Here at SHIFT we take pride in offering the absolute highest caliber of continuing education material. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Is it only for coaches?

Not at all! We wanted to create something that was holistic and universally helpful, as we feel all people within a gymnastics culture are crucial. Coaches, parents, gymnasts, medical staff, and support staff can all benefit from reading this. 

Is the book available in hard copy?

The book is currently only available in digital/e-book copy form. We wanted to accommodate people who learn best via tablets/computers, and also be considerate to eco friendly material usage.  

A Note From Dave

After months of work, I'm so excited to finally share this book with the gymnastics medical community! This is something people have been asking for, and I wanted to make sure I created them to best help the busy clinicians out there. 

I truly hope that by packaging this content on gymnastics culture into one easy to read, instantly applicable resource, as well as sharing in depth experiences I've had, that this really makes a positive impact on people's lives. I hope you love it!

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