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Gymnastics is changing, FAST

Get the tools you need to change gymnast's lives 

"The Hero Lab is an absolute no brainer. 

Dave produces world class content that I trust 110%,

 and I know it will bring you massive value." 

Nick Ruddock

Former Great Britain National Coach

Consult to 18 Olympic Gymnastics Federations

5/5 Stars

"If you are a coach or gym owner who cares about the health and well being of your gymnasts, you must invest the The Hero Lab. It's truly an incredible resource" 

James Parent

Vice President of Tumbl Trak

5/5 Stars

 What is The Hero Lab?

It is a brand new online educational platform for gymnastics professionals that gives you these 3 things :

New Gymnastics Webinars

At Your Fingertips Every Month 

- Increasing Flexibility & Power

- Reducing Injuries & Burnout

- Culture Development

- Whatever You Request!


Instant Access To An Incredible 

Online Discussion Group

- Ask Questions and Get Help

- Submit Topics for Future Webinars

- Get Exclusive Content  

- Get Daily Tips for the Gym

An International Network

of Gymnastics Professionals

- Experts From Around The World

- Coaches, Medical, Nutrition, & Business

- Find People to Collaborate  

- Grow Your Local Community 

What are People Saying About
The Hero Lab?

Nick Ruddock
Former Great Britain National Coach  
Consultant to 18 Olympic Gymnastics Federations
CEO of Nick Ruddock Gymnastics 

Gymnastics is Changing, FAST.

It can be truly exhausting working in gymnastics day after day.  

All you want is to see the gymnasts do 3 things 

1. Be happy

2. Be healthy

3. Crush it in the gym to get new skills or hit routines during meets

You do your best to help them reach their goals, be part of a thriving community, and use gymnastics to teach them valuable life lessons in the process.

But huge headaches like limited flexibility, lacking power, reoccurring injuries,  low levels of motivation, and poor training cultures stand in the way like brick walls. 

It’s not your fault. The sport of gymnastics is significantly harder that it was 15 years ago. The equipment has evolved, and the skills being performed, as well as the training required for, them is much more demanding. 

Information. Overload. 

Even worse, because the sport has become so hard, to be successful in gymnastics the amount of information now required is insane. People now have to know about skill technique, strength, cardio, flexibility, injuries, mental health, nutrition, meet prep... it's simply mind blowing.

Imagine not feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and borderline burnt out every day. I would know, I've been exactly where you are as a former gymnast, a younger coach, and younger medical provider.

It feels awful not knowing how to help a gymnast progress in skill level, get over an injury, or be a part of the gym community with their friends.

Ditch the Headaches.

My name is Dave Tilley, and I'm the CEO of SHIFT Movement Science, and the creator of The Hero Lab. 

I have been working for the last 5 years as as a Sports Physical Therapist specializing in the care of gymnass, but also as an optional gymnastics coach and a strength and conditioning coach. I've been super lucky to work with 1000's of gymnasts, coaches, and medical providers from across the world ranging from the recreational levels, all the way up to the NCAA Division 1 and International Elite and Olympic Levels. 

Thankfully through these experiences and a lot of tinkering, I have found some things that really helped gymnasts sky rocket their performance and also significantly lower their injury rates. In an effort to help people I've spent the last 6 months pouring it into The Hero Lab.  

The Hero Lab will bring you the information you need to solve these problems, to feel happier working in gymnastics, and help your athletes reach their goals without sacrificing mental, emotional, or physical health.

It was created it with a single purpose in mind: 

give you more tools to change the lives of gymnasts you work with.

Through monthly online webinars, an epic discussion group, and a massive network of international gymnastics experts, you can get help to any issue you are having in gymnastics. 

I’ve been very fortunate to teach these concepts across the world, giving lectures to rooms of 300+ people in the United Kingdom, Canada, Iceland, Australia, and my home of the USA. I can tell you, we are all facing the same problems. 

By investing in The Hero Lab and learning from everyone in our network, you can get the information you need to make your own gymnastics community incredible, and contribute to a new future of gymnastics.    

Learn What You Want To, When and How It Fits You

All of the content is available in video format, audio format, and PDF slide download. 

Which means you can watch from home, take it on the go to listen in the car, or print out the slides and highlight your heart out. Whatever fits you best


Count Me In!
How Much Does The Hero Lab Cost? 


To celebrate the launch of The Hero Lab, enrollment is being offered at  just $9/month. (Small international tax may apply)

Yes, for the cost of a few coffees you can move from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and burnt out to excited and engaged with gymnasts in your community.  

Why $9/month?

Because that is this is lowest possible amount I can charge without bankrupting my company while also still growing The Hero Lab into a truly incredible platform that provides ongoing value.

Get 2 Months Free! - Sign Up for the yearly discounted rate of $90/month and get two months completely free. 

This includes creating new material, feature experts each month, adding new features, and expanding the platform to help more people. 

I firmly believe in a "people over profits" mindset, and by keeping the monthly fee low I can live these values.

Take Advantage of our $1 Trial for the first 30 days!

Is There Content Already Inside? 

Yep! There is over 12 hours of content in webinar format already waiting for you! Lectures include developing hip and shoulder flexibility, building leg power, full core strength programing, planning for the competitive year, designing cardio circuits, fixing handstands, and much more!

[ How Do I Watch Webinars and The Discussion Group? ]

Immediately upon joining The Hero Lab, you will be sent an email with instant access for every webinar ever filmed. They can be watch online via desktop or on your phone via the Teachable app.

The best part about The Hero Lab? You can access the content directly from your phone, whenever you want, when it fits your schedule, right from the comfort of your own couch.

No travel, hotel rooms, or lost weekends required.

You will also be sent a private link to our private Facebook group where you can introduce yourself, check out previous discussions, get help with problems you are having, and connect with our international network of gymnastics professionals.

Still On The Fence? 

Try The Hero Lab Risk Free: 

I want you to be 100% happy with what you are putting your hard earned money, and irreplaceable time, towards. I deeply believe in The Hero Lab's ability to change your life, the lives of gymnasts you work with, and the sport as a whole. 

Remember, If you are not completely happy with the content and your experience using The Hero Lab in the first 30 days, I will give you a full refund of your investment.

P.S.The Hero Lab is without a doubt the first of its kind in delivering high quality, expert opinion supported gymnastics education, while also giving it’s community a place for discussion and voice in the content creation. I promise you that you will not be disappointed with your choice!