introducing SHIFT HQ 

An online community for gymnastics professionals to get help, learn from experts, and network with like minded people

As a full time gymnastics coach for team and recreational athletes as well as a Dad with a family, it can be hard to find time to study all the different new information coming out. 

Dave's new discussion forum SHIFT HQ makes it easy to find the topics I am looking for and locate new information quickly. 

It also allows me to network and link up with other coaches and like-minded individuals from different disciplines like PT's and strength coaches. 

This is a great tool for anyone who coaches gymnastics and I look forward to continuing to use and learn from it!”

Patrick Goldsmith

Optional and Recreational Gymnastics Coach

As a busy PT and coach, I have limited time to spend searching for high quality clinical research or gymnastics drills. 

SHIFT HQ is an excellent resource for connecting me with likeminded individuals, building community, and exploring new ideas. 

Not only it is easy to navigate, but it also allows me to search for specific topics and message other members. 

SHIFT HQ is the ideal tool for helping me stay at the cutting edge of my field.

Kaysha Heck

Gymnastics Coach and Sports PT


The world of gymnastics is changing at a blistering rate, and these days between the internet and social media there is simply too much to learn and not enough spare hours in the day. 

You're probably a busy gymnastics professional who doesn't have extra hours to spend scrolling through Facebook groups or blogs when you have questions. 

But, you care about the gymnasts you work with, and want to help them with problems they face during training. 

Like the rest of us, you probably feel frustrated, overwhelmed (and if you are like me a little embarrassed) when you don't know how to help gymnasts you work with.

But scrolling through endless online forums and YouTube videos are enough to make you throw your hands up and not bother. 

I get it. As a busy coach, medical provider, and strength coach working in gymnastis, I too have limited time. But I want to stay up to date on the latest information. I also want to constantly network and talk with experts in their fields. 

The gymnastics community desperately needs a place where they can get answers to their questions, learn from experts about the latest training techniques, and connect with people to grow their team.

After hearing lots of feedback from the SHIFT community and months of work, we have built the exact  thing that gymnastics professionals want to have: SHIFT HQ.

SHIFT HQ is our brand new, exclusive online gymnastics education and networking platform. 

It's your one stop shop for finding practical solutions to your problems, learning from experts, and networking with like minded people in the sport.

After months of work, we are SO excited to finally launch it to the public. For a limited time only, we are offering acess to SHIFT HQ for FREE when they enroll in our monthly education program, The Hero Lab

*launch week BONUS*
Win a free consult with dave tilley and the SHIFT team

As a special bonus to celebrate the launch of SHIFT HQ, we are raffling away one free 1:1 consult with Dave Tilley, the CEO & Founder of SHIFT and his team.

One lucky winner will get an hour long free consult, and follow up email communication for questions they have. 

To enter this raffle, simple purchase a monthly subscription to The Hero Lab & SHIFT HQ during our launch week from 9/28/20 - 10/4/20. Following launch week, we will announce the winner!

*Disclaimer* - This consultation is strictly for gymnastics education and advice, not medical or rehabilitative services.


what's inside SHFIT HQ?

Want to see exactly whats in SHIFT HQ? Check out our video tutorial!

built by gymnastics professionals,
for gymnastics professionals

Get Help From Gymnastics Professionals From Across The World

SHIFT HQ is full of 100's of gymnastics professionals from around the world, in every discipline of the sport, and from every background. 

We have coaches, medical providers, strength coaches, nutritionists, judges, and more who are all learning from each other and helping people with problems they face. 

We are all just trying to become better, and best help the gymnasts we work with.

Hang out in our public space, join a specific sub group to have more in depth conversations, or use our private messaging feature!

Get The Information You Need To Change Gymnast's Lives

There is a MASSIVE amount of information online for people in gymnastics to learn from. On one hand this is great, on the other hand it's incredibly overwhelming.

Endless scrolling in Facebook groups and scattered blog posts often become more stressful than the original problem that made you start searching.

We have organized every blog post, video, podcast, and piece of content from SHIFT to make your life easier. 

Use our custom search bar, follow specific topics of interest, or scroll through our webinar and podcast index. 

Just log in, and search for what you needNo more need for 17 browser tabs and endless note book drawings 🙂

Connect With Other Professionals and Build Your Team

The world of gymnastics is changing at a blistering rate. Now more than ever, professionals from different areas of gymnastics want to connect and work together. 

We see this change happening, and want to make sure we support the gymnastics community.

The only way our sport will evolve into a better version is if we help each other, and support other professionals with our skill set and knowledge. 

Being able to communicate regularly and share ideas is essential for people to become educated and happier in their daily work.

Using our customizable member profiles, private messaging, and discussion groups, find people in your area and take your facility to the next level.

This is not your average discussion forum or social media group. Members are able to

  • Build and customize create individual profiles
  • Search for any specific topic or problem they need help with
  • Join specific sub groups or topic threads 
  • Access SHIFT's massive database of free resources, webinars, podcasts, blogs, and tutorial videos

These features are also just the tip of the iceberg! We already have huge feature upgrades in the works to make SHIFT HQ the most helpful community platform available in gymnastics

Im in! How Do I Join?

For a limited time, SHIFT HQ is being offered for FREE when people sign up for The Hero Lab, SHIFTs monthly membership group. 

We believe in high quality, affordable education for the gymnastics community.

For that reason, you can get The Hero Lab AND SHIFT HQ for just $9/month.

That's right, for the price of one lunch, you can get all the tools you need to be happier at work and change the lives of gymnasts you work with.

That includes 25 hours worth of gymnastics webinars, endless amounts of information to help gymnasts, all of SHIFTs free resources, access to one of the best gymnastics online communities in the world, and much more!. 

To join SHIFT HQ, enroll in The Hero Lab below and get free instant access!

The Hero Lab

frequently asked questions

On the fence about SHIFT HQ? Here are the most common questions we get!

Q: Is SHIFT HQ & The Hero Lab Expensive?

A: Nope! We believe in high quality, affordable gymnastics education for the community. 
For the price of one lunch per month ($9) you get access to BOTH The Hero Lab and SHIFT HQ. That means all SHIFT's webinars, worksheets, cheat sheets and our international community of gymnastics experts around the world.

Q: Am I buying two things?

A: Not at all, you're buying one amazing thing 🙂
To best help the gymnastics community, we are giving SHIFT HQ away for free as an added bonus to our monthly membership group, The Hero Lab. When you enroll for The Hero Lab, you will get instant access to both our webinar platform, and our community group.

Q: I don't work with high level gymnasts, is it a good fit for me?

A: SHIFT HQ has hundreds of gymnastics professionals from literally all levels (competitive and not), all disciplines (WAG, MAG, Tramp, etc), and all regions of the world. We promise you will fit in!

Q: I'm not good with technology, can I figure out using the platform?

A: Absolutely. We have done all the heavy lifting for you. Enroll, get sent links to sign up, and you're done 😀 

Q: Am I stuck in a contract?

A: Nope! Cancel at any time. (But, we think your gonna fall in love with our community and stick around)

P.S. The Hero Lab and SHIFT HQ are without a doubt the first of their kind in delivering high quality, expert opinion supported gymnastics education, while also giving it’s community a place for discussion and voice in the content creation. I promise you that you will not be disappointed with your choice!

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