Really excited for another amazing blog post and podcast for everyone today. All gymnasts, coaches, and parents are constantly frustrated with athletes who have mental blocks, get frustrated with training, or just can’t seem to lower their stress levels at practice or competition. It often leads to lots of headaches, a lack of progress in skill level, or poor meet performance.

Thankfully, the wonderful Doc Ali has lots of great tools to help! Ever since Dr. Ali Arnold and I did our first podcast together earlier this year, I have gotten tons amount of positive feedback for how helpful the ideas were.

Not only was the podcast amazing, Doc Ali has also been sharing some ideas with me to help manage fears, anxiety, and competitive pressure in our team over the last few years. I’ve seen a massive amount of benefit from it and knew that I wanted to find some way to get her back on the podcast.

So, earlier this month when we had our Team Camp,  we hired her to do do a Mental Toughness camp with our competitive team. We wanted to cover common issues our gymnasts were having like

  • Managing fears and mental blocks on skills
  • Dealing with stress and frustration at practice
  • How to keep cool as routine season comes
  • Ways to help stop negative self talk

It worked out perfectly that she allowed me to record the entire seminar and use it as a podcast/blog post. This was an incredibly helpful hour-long lecture, and our gymnasts, as well as our coaches, loved it. I took the best principles and concepts, edited them down into a live video, and posted it all here.

You can watch the video below, or listen to it in podcast form on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher. I hope you find it helpful!

Doc Ali Shares 3 Amazing Tools for Helping Gymnasts
Conquer Fear and Anxiety