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The Hero Lab

SHIFT's Premiere Online Mentorship 

(Monthly Online Lectures and Discussion Group)

$9/month or $90/year

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What People Are Saying...

"The Hero Lab is an absolute no brainer. Dave produces world class content that I trust 110%, and I know it will bring you massive value." 

- Nick Ruddock, International Elite Gymnastics Coach 

The SHIFT Educational Series -

Gymnastics - Vol 1

( 230 Page E-Book with 300 pictures)


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What People Are Saying...

"I encourage all coaches to dive into the “The SHIFT Gymnastics Educational Series: Volume 1” . Not only does it offer hundreds of core and flexibility exercises, it also incorporates brand new screening and prevention techniques into gymnastics training. I firmly believe this forward thinking movement will allow athletes to stay in the sport longer, as well as reach a higher level of gymnastics with less time off for injuries.

 - Vanessa McCoy, Owner of PEAK Gymnastics and Fitness

Keys to Developing Flexibility and Strength in Gymnastics

( 10 Hour Online Course)


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What People Are Saying...

"We have seen huge success in our gymnastics gym by implementing the flexibility, strength, and training techniques outlined in SHIFT's new course -

- Chad Buczek, Owner of Metro South Gymnastics Academy, Former Division 1 Gymnast at Penn State 

"The information in this course is priceless. If you are serious about keeping your gymnasts perform better and stay healthy, then you must invest your time into SHIFT's new course"

- James Parent, Vice President of Tumbl Trak  

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Keys to Understanding and Treating Gymnasts
with Low Back Pain

( 10 Hour Online Course)

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What People Are Saying...

Evaluating and Treating Back Pain in Gymnasts answered every question I had about assessing, evaluating, and treating gymnasts for lower back injuries. 

If you are a clinician struggling to treat gymnasts, you're not alone. I used to think treating gymnasts for spine injuries was an impossible equation.

​​But Dave has done all the work to give us the exact step by step process, exercises, and hands on treatment tools to help gymnasts get out of pain and back to the sport they love.

It is packed full of evidenced based resources, videos, protocols, and case studies.

I promise you will not regret enrolling in this course, the content just couldn't be more thorough!"

- Rachel Mattison, Doctor of Physical Therapy and
Gymnastics Coach  

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Peak Shoulder Performance : The Ultimate Guide to Getting Out of Pain and Returning to High Level Fitness

( 13+ Hour Online Course)


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What People Are Saying...

"““Peak Shoulder Performance is an amazing resource for rehabilitation specialists, strength coaches and even fitness athletes themselves that want to truly understand how the shoulder works and why shoulder pain is so common.  Luckily Dan and Dave have been working with high level athletes for years and have finally put together their process on how to return from injury and also preventing future injuries from occurring"."

- Mike Reinold, World Renowned Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer, Former Boston Red Sox Head Trainer 

" Dave and Dan have undoubtedly created an amazing course.  This is something that all gym owners, coaches, and athletes should have.  Movement is number one, and if you are looking to create loyalty, and bring the best possible service to your athletes, then this is where you need to start".. 

- Jason Lydon, Owner of CrossFit Milford, Coach to 2nd Place CrossFit Games Team in 2015 

Monkey Method : Movement Essentials

( 90 Page PDF + 150 Videos)


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What People Are Saying...

"For me, Movement Essentials is one of the best things out there to make sure as coaches and athletes we are getting ourself into the right position. We use it all the time in our Power Monkey products and programming.

- Dave Durante, Co - Owner of Power Monkey Fitness 

" I don't think there is a better product out there to help coaches, athletes, and anyone else out help with assessing, correcting, and improving these movements. 

- Jason Lydon, Owner of CrossFit Milford, Coach to 2nd Place CrossFit Games Team in 2015