The SHIFT Gymnastics Education Vol. 1




What Is The SHIFT Gymnastics Educational Series?


Over the last 4 years, I have been on a non stop pursuit of trying to help gymnasts perform at a higher level, reduce their risk of injuries, and have longer more successful careers. I have done this by spending hours reading the most current gymnastics research, connecting patterns in the gymnasts I have treated as a Physical Therapist, reflecting on my own career as a gymnast, trying new concepts while coaching, and talking with some of the most respected gymnastics coaches in the country.

After trial and error with practical application, I decided to put all of my current thoughts into the first volume of my new SHIFT Gymnastics Educational Series. It ended up taking just over 2 years to create this 230 pages e-book with 300+ reference photos. My intention was to help educate gymnastics coaches, medical providers, parents, strength coaches, and gymnasts working in the community to help be on more common ground for tackling some big issues.  After many long hours of creation, I am very excited to announce that it is finally here!


What Gymnastics Topics are Inside?


Within this 230 page e-book, a variety of hot topic areas are covered in depth including

  • Research-based shoulder and hip flexibility methods that optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury during stretching
  • Advanced core training techniques, including myths and misunderstandings of gymnasts weight lifting for conditioning
  • Step by step explanation of flexibility, strength, and power exercises with picture references
  • Understanding and preventing lower back pain in gymnastics, including quick screens coaches should know
  • Training core strength in 360 degrees, and how to train core power for enhanced shape changes during skills
  • Learning and using proper landing technique
  • How to make flexibility changes “stick” and transfer to gymnastics skills
  • How to practically apply important training concepts like event periodization, understanding gymnastics skill profiles, tracking growth to reduce injury risk, and more


Along with this, check out what people are saying about Volume 1 after reading!

“At a young age I was forced to stop the sport of gymnastics due to an overuse injury. Now, as a coach I am very passionate about using preventative techniques to ensure the health of my athletes.  We are fortunate in our industry to have Dr. Dave Tilley, whose mission is to seek out new techniques and research the most efficient and effective protocols to keep our athletes healthy and active.  Implementing Dr. Tilley’s techniques into regular training, I have see a decrease in the injury rate of athletes over the last 15 years of coaching. 

Staying ahead of the typical problematic issues we see in our sport will no doubt help prolong the career of athletes, but also give them a better quality of life without the aches and pains many of us have experienced in the past.  I encourage all coaches to dive into the “The SHIFT Gymnastics Educational Series: Volume 1” and incorporate the screening and prevention into the training of athletes.  I firmly believe this forward-thinking movement will allow athletes to stay in the sport longer, as well as reach a higher level of gymnastics with less time off for injuries we can prevent with the help of SHIFT. “

– Vanessa McCoy, Owner of PEAK Gymnastics and Fitness


As coaches, I believe we do our hard-working athletes a great disservice if we aren’t actively seeking ways to improve the training process and limit injury potential. A major hurdle in this endeavor is the shear number of areas of athlete development a coach would have to master in order to be fully effective in their goal. This is why the concept of building a sports performance team for your gymnasts is so vital and why Dr. Tilley’s book is such a phenomenal resource. His understanding of the specific demands of competitive gymnastics as well as his drive to improve mobility development methods and reduce injury risks make him an invaluable asset to the gymnastics community.

His ebook serves as a brilliant resource that takes the guess work out of mobility assessment and provides targeted and effective methods to address specific issues in an efficient manner that can be integrated into normal gymnastics training. Being able to identify and target specific issues in individual athletes helps optimize the training process and allows for continued athlete progression. Time in the gym is limited so make the most of it by utilizing the effective methods contained in “The SHIFT Educational Series Vol 1 – Preventing Back Pain Optimizing Flexibility and Advanced Core Training!”

– Rupert Egan MS, NASM-PES



Why I Made This Book

My number one goal with the SHIFT Gymnastics Educational Series was to create scientifically supported educational resource that everyone in gymnastics can easily put into their training practices. I am fortunate that I have been a competitive collegiate gymnast, compulsory and optional coach, and also a medical provider within the gymnastics community. Through my years in the gym I was taught work ethic, discipline, dedication, team comradare, and other values that help shape me into the person I am today. As a coach, I thoroughly enjoy helping pass these things onto the next generation of athletes so that they can realize their potential in gymnastics and their individual lives.


Now being in my dual coaching / Physical Therapy role, I sadly see hundreds of gymnasts that struggle with injuries, miss out on their full abilities, and unfortunately sometimes quit due to injury or lacking progress. Having spent many years in the sport with different points of view, I feel I am in a unique position to offer gymnastics ways to evolve the sport into the next generation. I have made many mistakes as a coach. By seeking out ongoing education and mentorship through my coaching and Physical Therapy career, I feel I have drastically changed my approach to gymnastics in the last 5 years.

This book is my first attempt to share the biggest changes in performance, training, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, and more. Don’t miss out on all of these new cutting edge concepts, be sure to pick up Volume 1 of the SHIFT Gymnastics Educational Series today!



Sounds Great! How Can I Get My Hands On The Full Book?

Simply click here or the link below to be taken to our SHIFT Store. A quick 3-minute form will allow you to access the digital download via email confirmation. I hope you find this product valuable enough to purchase, and then once you read through it’s content I hope you find it as an incredible resource to your gymnastics work!