Video Quick Tip Addition To "Why Are My Gymnastics Hip Flexors Still Tight": Teaching Breathing, and When I Let Gymnasts Bend Their Knees During Leg Lifts

After the huge response from Part 1 of “Why Are My Gymnasts Hip Flexors Still Tight?” I had some reader questions related to the concepts of breathing, how the diaphragm influences core stability, and how I go about helping our gymnasts by teaching them these concepts. As coincidence would have it, one

Gym Quick Tips: Cue Your Gymnast's Core with The Moving Fulcrum Conditioning Drill

As many people who follow my blog may know, I have written about my concerns with doing high volume dynamic arch up type conditioning with gymnasts (read an article on it here – “Is Arch Up Type Conditioning Contributing To Back Pain In Gymnasts?“). This includes lots of arch ups/superman’s, uppers, lowers,

Tall Kneeling Drills For Gymnasts To Build Core Stability and Help Prevent Injury

There are a lot of different ways that coaches and gymnasts can increase the difficulty with core stability drills. Building good core stability is huge to both gymnastics performance and also trying to ensure protection against injury risk. Building proper core strength and proper core stability are both important. One

4 Gymnastics Related Concepts The SFMA Course Made Me Think More About

Over this weekend I had the chance to attend a two day course on something known as the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).  In a nutshell, the SFMA is an assessment tool that medical professionals use to investigate the factors contributing to someones injury/pain. It was taught by some really

Tackling Faulty Lower Spine and Hip Posture in Gymnasts (Part I): Links To Injury and Possible Contributing Factors

 The very first post I ever put up on this blog was about hip flexor mobility restrictions, and it had some information related to improper posture in gymnasts. It concerned how a lack of hip flexor mobility can contribute to both decreased skill performance, and possibly some injuries. Although that

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