What is SHIFT?

SHIFT is an educational and consulting company built for one main mission – give people the tools, ideas, and latest science to help you change athlete’s lives.

SHIFT was created by Dr. David Tilley in 2013 as a blog, and since then the company has evolved into a multifaceted educational hub for many sports including gymnastics.

Through SHIFT’ss online social media, podcast (The SHIFT Show), international online gymnastics education community The Hero Lab and SHIFT HQ, and our gymnastics medical provider continuing education courses, we promote taking the latest science and integrating it into daily practice. We do this in an effort to help increase the performance and health of athlete’s lives while giving coaches, medical providers, and parents the best tools they need to be informed and up to date.

Meet The SHIFT Team!

Dr. David Tilley is a former collegiate gymnast and has been coaching gymnastics for 15 years. He currently coaches optional level gymnastics in Boston MA. Dave has his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is Board Certified in Sports Physical Therapy, treating patients at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance. He has a specialty focus in treating gymnasts, treating 20-30 gymnasts per month. Dave is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, as well as a researcher in many gymnastics sports medicine fields such as workloads, Achilles tears, cultural change, and strength and conditioning.

Dave is an internationally recognized expert in gymnastics sports medicine and has consulted with programs ranging from the club to the elite level both domestically in the USA as well as internationally. He has successfully treated many of the world’s highest level gymnasts for their injuries and has worked with 1000s of gymnasts in the last 10 years.

Along with his coaching and clinical work as a medical provider, he founded SHIFT in 2013 and continues to act as the CEO. Outside of his work, he enjoys hanging out with family and friends at his family’s lakehouse, working out, and being a closet nerd for various movies/games from his childhood.