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An Honest Talk About Ego, Depression, and Anxiety in Gymnastics

In my experiences, there are a lot of people who focus on the technical and physical development of gymnasts. Most of their efforts focus on getting new drills, strength exercises, or progressions to help athletes get new skills or move up to…

Doc Ali Shares 3 Amazing Tools for Helping Gymnasts Conquer Fear and Anxiety

Really excited for another amazing blog post and podcast for everyone today. All gymnasts, coaches, and parents are constantly frustrated with athletes who have mental blocks, get frustrated with training, or just can't seem to lower their stress…
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Dr. Ali Arnold's Best Advice for Getting Gymnast's Over Mental Blocks and Managing Fear

There are a handful of universally frustrating things in gymnastics that make gymnasts, parents, and coaches equally stressed out. One of them is mental blocks on skills, or trying to help gymnasts take control of their fears. Dr. Alison…