Huge News! The New Gymnastics Medicine Textbook is Here!

I haven’t been this excited to write a blog post in a long time! Anyone working in gymnastics knows that there is a lot of room to go on sports medicine, rehabilitation, and return to sport side of the fence in gymnastics. Most of the time, well-intentioned medical providers try their best to get gymnasts the specific diagnosis, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning they need but lack the education or resources to do so.

It’s so tough to see, as this gap between gymnastics training and sport-specific care leave to many gymnasts, parents, coaches, and medical providers feeling lost. They feel frustrated, unable to help, and often times just say ‘well gymnastics is hard’ and then move on. But, gymnasts are left with ongoing pain, mental distress, and sadness because they are away from their friends, community, and the sport they love.

I’m so pumped to share that a textbook long in the making, Gymnastics Medicine, is now officially available for purchase. This textbook is the collaborative effort of so many amazing sports medicine professionals, many of which were high level gymnasts themselves. This author list ranges from medical doctors to physical therapists, to athletic trainers, and much more.

The authors graciously all donated their time, and do not get a financial kickback from book sales. It’s all people from the sport trying to give back.

I was honored to be asked to co-write the Rehabilitation / Strength and Conditioning chapter of this textbook. It was 6 years of research and work that cumulated into 1 beastly year of writing. But, it’s all completely worth it if it helps people.

In this very dark time in the history of our sport, I hope this book serves as a small spark in the gymnastics community for positive change and hope.

You can purchase the hardcover or e-book by clicking below, and PLEASE share with everyone your community!

Click Here for Gymnastics Medicine Purchase Link (via Springer)



Have a great week!
– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science