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Helping Gymnasts With Back Pain from Landing Forces

When people think of back pain in gymnastics, they typically think about the extreme back bending motions that cause stress fractures or "spondy" fractures. While this is for sure a big part of gymnasts having back pain, there are other factors…
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Understanding and Treating Back Pain in Athletes

Today on the podcast we are bringing you an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek of a lecture I gave to the students at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance. The place I work and see patients, giving you an inside look into how I treat people…
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Rehab Tips For Clinicians To Treat Gymnasts with Extension Based LBP – Part 2: Subacute Phase

In Part 1 of this article series I went over some basics around managing the acute phase, and the importance of figuring out issues above and below the area with pain. I also mentioned some educational, manual therapy, and basic exercises I…