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How to Safely Return to Dips After a Shoulder Injury

Due to my dual involvement in gymnastics as well as CrossFit, I see a ton of patients who have suffered a shoulder injury but would like to get back to training gymnastic skills.  My good friend Dr. Dan Pope and I work with hundreds of athletes…
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3 Tips To Reduce Shoulder Pain in Muscle Ups

By far the biggest problem that I work with CrossFit athletes for is shoulder pain. There are a variety of factors that go into what movement is causing the pain, but a common skills people say started their shoulder pain is muscle ups. Here…
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Are Dips and “Skin The Cat” Type Stretches Dangerous For Female Gymnasts?

I've been brewing on this topic for over a year now, originally sparked one of Eric Cressey's articles on the possible dangers of using dips with baseball players.  Reading that article and some other literature made me start to scratch…