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3 Pillars of Coaching Success: Self Reflection, Accountability, and Internal Self Esteem

As coaches, educators, and leaders in gymnastics, our ultimate goal is to help our athletes achieve success and reach their full potential. However, this is not always an easy task given the enormous amount of work and knowledge it takes. Many…
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9 Ways to Be Happier In The Gym and Life

I wanted to take a little bit of a pivot this week to offer people a lecture/podcast on happiness that was highly requested from people. Mental/Emotional health is such an important topic in our modern world. It's crucial not only for our…
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Helping Gymnastics Coaches Stay Happy In The Gym and Change Their Cultures

If there is one thing that I know all gymnastics coaches deal with, it's frustration and times of burnout. I have delt with it, I've seen coaches I work with deal with it, and I know for a fact it's one of the number one things people tell me…