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Strength Balance in Gymnastics: Exercise Selection Matters

Strength training and athlete development are topics that are often discussed within the sport of gymnastics. Generally, this is tied in with the intent of directly increasing sports performance and gymnastics potential. As a coach myself, this…
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Treat Strength Like Skill Training – A Change In The Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning Paradigm

Today I am happy to bring readers another fantastic guest post by Rupert Egan. Rupert wrote Part 1 of this article series a while back, and I'm excited he is back for Part 2. I think Rupert brings up some crucial points here that coaches and…
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Guest Post By Rupert Egan: Gymnastics Periodization To Maximize Performance (Part 1)

Today I'm super excited to start a guest post series from my friend Rupert Egan. I originally starting talking with Rupert last year regarding strength and conditioning concepts for gymnasts. I recently had the chance to spend a week with…