Video Quick Tip Addition To "Why Are My Gymnastics Hip Flexors Still Tight": Teaching Breathing, and When I Let Gymnasts Bend Their Knees During Leg Lifts

After the huge response from Part 1 of “Why Are My Gymnasts Hip Flexors Still Tight?” I had some reader questions related to the concepts of breathing, how the diaphragm influences core stability, and how I go about helping our gymnasts by teaching them these concepts. As coincidence would have it, one

Why Are My Gymnast's Hip Flexors Still Tight? 7 Alternate Nerdy Thoughts To Consider (Part 1)

I feel like I’ve seen about a thousand videos, blogs, coaches, and gymnasts talking about the best way to work on hip flexor mobility. It’s for a good reason too, as anterior hip mobility is crucial to successful gymnastics performance, and a lowered injury risk. Chronically tight and overworked hips can

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