Tackling Faulty Lower Spine and Hip Posture In Gymnasts (Pt II): How To Address The Possible Contributing Issues

Last week in Part I of this topic, I went over some contributing factors to gymnasts developing chronic archy back, or anterior pelvic tilting. I also outlined how this may link to possible progressive/traumatic injuries,  and decreased skill performance with gymnastics based skills.  If the issue gets to the point

Tackling Faulty Lower Spine and Hip Posture in Gymnasts (Part I): Links To Injury and Possible Contributing Factors

 The very first post I ever put up on this blog was about hip flexor mobility restrictions, and it had some information related to improper posture in gymnasts. It concerned how a lack of hip flexor mobility can contribute to both decreased skill performance, and possibly some injuries. Although that

Bridge Mobility: Why Your Gymnasts May Be Struggling: Possible Injury Prevention For The Lower Back and Tips To Help

This week I wanted to discuss a topic that can possibly reduce a gymnast’s risk of lower back pain, as well as help improve their skill performance. Many people have asked me about how to address bridges that lack mobility and how to deal with lower back pain related to

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