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Stretching Hip Flexors/Quads vs Stressing Lumbar Spine – Video Quick Tip

If you missed it, last week I posted Part 1 of this video series talking about how an overhead shoulder stretch commonly used by gymnasts may may be putting strain on the shoulder joint, instead of stretching the lats like intended. In Part 2 below, I go over similar concepts for the hips. Rather than allowing an athlete to over extend their lower back and sink into their hip joint, try adding these simple tweaks to get a more effective stretch.

Before you watch the video, remember you can download my go to gymnastics hip flexibility drills completely for free in my “10 Minute Flexibility Circuits” PDF.


I’m certainly not the first person to talk about this idea, as it has been talked about in Charlie Weingroff’s DVD, and also on Mike Reinold’s site. I just think this application is huge for many gymnasts who already depend on their lumbar spine too much as a dominant point of motion. Hope this helps!

Dave Tilley DPT, SCS