Follow Up To Gymnast with Shoulder Instability and Pain During Overshoots, Plus Shoulder Performance Drills

A few months ago I posted an article related to general hypermobility/instability causing shoulder pain in one of my level 9 gymnasts. I brought up some concepts that I think are very important related to flexibility training, dynamic stability, motor control, and the importance of technique in training. I’m happy to say that she is

Why Are My Gymnast's Hip Flexors Still Tight? 7 Alternate Nerdy Thoughts To Consider (Part 1)

I feel like I’ve seen about a thousand videos, blogs, coaches, and gymnasts talking about the best way to work on hip flexor mobility. It’s for a good reason too, as anterior hip mobility is crucial to successful gymnastics performance, and a lowered injury risk. Chronically tight and overworked hips can

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