Again, I first hope everyone is healthy, safe, and doing well during COVID-19. Bluntly put, I have put ALL of my projects for the next few months on hold and I am devoting 100% of my SHIFT efforts to help the gymnastics community in this scary time.

When talking with people about the coronavirus chaos, many have said that they need help with how they are going to approach getting back in the gym when the social distancing time lifts, and how to go about planning the next year. This is certainly unlike anything we have dealt with in relation to training and the season, so it’s understandable.

I did an impromptu lecture on this exact topic for my online gymnastics education group called The Hero Lab.

It ended up being a HUGE hit, so I wanted to help more people out and release it for free. In this 2 hour lecture, I dive deep and taught people

  • How to approach multi-year and yearly goals to peak at the right time
  • Breaking the year into “blocks” based on specific goals throughout the season
  • Approaching single training months with on/off week cycles
  • How to approach planning events and strength with different levels of gymnasts
  • The exact strength, cardio, and workout templates I use to plan practices
  • Examples of exercises I use in strength programs based on younger or older athletes

I have made the yearly planning slides/templates available for free HERE

You can download my strength templates and movement categories HERE –

My hope is that by making all of this free, people can get a jump start on planning their offseason and year, have something to do with their staff virtually, and also have something productive to do with their time. I also hope it eases people’s minds with so much unknown moving forward.

You will see part of the video is cut off, but that was to respect the privacy of guests who joined with the video that I didn’t ask their permission for. I hope it helps!

New Free Lecture On Gymnastics Year Planning and Periodization:
Peaking At The Right Time and How To Program Workouts

Download lecture slides and planning template HERE
Download strength programming template HERE 
Stay safe, and hope you have a great day!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science