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The Top 10 SHIFT Show Podcasts To Binge During COVID-19

As I have been starting all of my recent blogs, I first hope you are safe, well, and are managing your mental wellness during these crazy Coronavirus times.

I’ve been doing my best to provide people with tools and education during this time. In case you missed it, I put out this 6 day home program for gymnasts to do (find it here), and I also put out a free live lecture on programming the gymnastics training year along with free downloadable templates (find it here).

In addition to these, I wanted to post the top 10 downloaded podcasts of The SHIFT Show, and also include the videos on YouTube for people. These episodes are jam-packed with useful information that I think people will really find helpful once we get back to training. The title is linked to the blog post-release, then below are the imbedded audio files and YouTube videos. Here they are

#10 – Samantha Peszek on Her Elite Journey, UCLA Gymnastics, and Overcoming Fears

Samantha Peszek (2008 Olympian, former UCLA Bruin, and Owner of Beam Queen Boot Camp) came on to share an incredible podcast talking about how she managed fear as a gymnast, what it was like being at the Olympics, and how Miss Val has made a positive impact on her life while at UCLA.

#9 – The Nutrition and Overtraining Talk We Need To Have, But Aren’t.

This one was heavy, but so incredibly important. Registered Dietician and Sports Exercie Physiologist Jason Machowsky dives into some must hear information about nutrition in the sport of gymnastics. We dive into body image issues, the dangers of weighing athletes, how to discuss food in a safe manner with young athletes. We then talk about key things gymnasts, parents, and coaches must understand to build a healthy culture around food and performance at their gym.

There is, unfortunately, no video for this amazing podcast, and apologies on the audio quality. My laptop’s battery lit on fire in my lap (not joking) and I had no computer for a week 🙁


#8 – Kohei Uchimura’s Coach, Hiroaki Sato, Giving Must Hear Advice

Hiro Sato, current coach of the legendary GOAT of men’s gymnastics Kohei Uchimura, comes on for this MAG focused podcast. He chats about how he became Kohei’s coach, their training schedule, how they program workouts, and what they do to help maintain his high level of performance through so many elite training years.

#7 – Dr. Stuart McGill on Spine Injuries in Gymnasts, Testing for Extension/Compression Injuries, and Training

Dr. Stuard McGill is arguably the worlds leading expert on lower back pain and lower back injuries. He graciously joined me on the podcast to talk about everything that goes on with extension and compression based injuries, which is common in gymnastics. He is more typically known for flexion based problems like disc injuries. Here we dive into everything clinicians and athletes should know!

#6 – Dr. Ali Arnold on Mental Blocks, Anxiety, Culture, and Goal Setting

Dr. Ali Arnold is no stranger in the gymnastics world. She is one of the most sought after Mental Skills coach, having worked with all age groups of gymnasts from compulsory all the way to elite international elite gymnasts. We discuss how she helps gymnasts deal with anxiety, fear, and progress towards big goals.

#5 – The 7 Most Common Handstand Problems and How To Fix Them

In this podcast, I shared a lecture that I gave to my online membership group The Hero Lab, We took a deep dive into the most common things that cause handstands to fall apart including shoulder mobility, core control, technique, and more. I break down the issues, how to screen them, and then how to fix them.

#4 – Nick Ruddock’s Best Vault Drill, Technique, and Coaching Advice

Nick Ruddock is one of the world’s most knowledgable gymnastics coaches. He has consulted with over 21 National Gymnastics Federation, currently doing a lot of work with the German National Team leading up to the 2020 Olympics. In this podcast, he offers his best drills, skills, progressions, and strength work for vaulting in WAG.

#3 – Nick Ruddock’s Uneven Bar Strategies For Developing High-Level Skills Safely

Taking back to back spots here, Nick came on later in the year to tackle uneven bars. He shares how to conquer the ‘beast’ event with his favorite drills, basics, physical prep work, and skill progressions. This one  (deservingly) racked up 2000 downloads in the first 48 hours!

#2 -Doc Ali’s 6 Step System For Fixing Mental Blocks and Fear In Gymnastics

After the first podcast was such a hit, Dr. Ali Arnold came back on due to popular request. In this episode, she goes breaks down her step by step system for helping gymnasts get over mental blocks. her 6 step system is phenomenal, and I use it in the gym every day.

#1 – Must Hear Advice to Parents of Gymnasts and Youth Sports with Diana and Chelsie of The Routine Podcast

Coming in for the #1 spot, is an episode that absolutely blew the world of gymnastics away. All the podcasts are great, but I’m SO happy this is the #1 downloaded podcast. Diana and Chelsie are a mother-daughter duo who recall there experiences growing up in the sport of gymnastics. Diana graciously shares the mistakes she made and lessons learned related to injuries, dealing with questionable gym cultures, and realizing she was a ‘crazy gym Mom’ who had learned the hard way to not live vicariously through Chelsie. Amazing episode here!


Honorable Mentions

#11 – What Gymnasts Need for Nutrition with Dr. Josh Eldridge

Coming just outside the Top 10 was this fantastic live lecture by my buddy Dr. Josh Eldrige on what gymnasts need to fuel themselves properly for gymnastics.

#12 – Tom Meadows on Building Elite Men’s Gymnastics Programs and His Best Coaching Advice

Just behind this is Tom Meadows, the legendary coach of Jon Horton, Chris Brooks, and Raj Bhavsar and owner of Cyprus Academy of Gymnastics. Tom was the head coach of the 2012 Olympic Team and has an incredible track record producing multiple Division 1 NCAA and elite male gymnasts. He shares fantastic info about culture, coaching education, and how to keep male gymnasts safe in their younger years!

#13 – An Honest Talk About Ego, Depression, and Anxiety in Gymnastics

In this podcast, I was asked by a high school senior gymnast Sarah Thirkell to do an interview. She had a lot of amazing questions related to mental health of gymnasts/coaches, creating inspiring cultures, challenging fear-based coaching, and how coaching egos or insecurities can reak havoc on a gym. No video for this one though, sorry!

I hope you enjoy these episodes in your downtime, and again please stay safe/healthy during this tough time! Have a great day,

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT,SCS,CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science