I Launched A Podcast for SHIFT! New Episode with Nick Ruddock, My Entire 2 Hour Gymnastics Strength Lecture, and More!

I have an absolutely massive announcement! After listening to feedback from the SHIFT Community on wanting more “on the go” type audio content, I have launched my brand new podcast, “The SHIFT Show”.

I’m super excited for the project to finally be out. For one, the first 3 episodes are monsters I can’t wait for people to listen to.

Second, I’m giving away a free SHIFT T-Shirt and 30-minute skype consult with me to one lucky winner in a contest! (Read below)

The podcast will be a very special new source of gymnastics content that has two aspects,

  1. Conversations with some of the most incredible gymnastics, strength, medical, and sports scientist professionals I’m very lucky to have as friends.
  2. A direct question and answer line for the SHIFT community to use on topics they want to know about

The episodes will alternate between a longer conversation or lecture based contents, and shorter 15-20 minute question and answer episodes.

To submit questions for upcoming espies, or browse all the new episodes, just head to SHIFT’s new Podcast page here –


Or you can find all the episodes on iTunes Here –


Or you can find all episodes on Spotify here –

To celebrate the launch of the SHIFT Show I have put some really great content up which is exclusive to the podcast. The first 3 episodes available through iTunes are

Episode 1. “Essential Strategies for Gymnastics Coaching Success with Nick Ruddock”

This a monster episode where Nick Ruddock (Elite international gymnastics coach consulting with 18 federations) and I discuss what practices coaches must have if they want to reach high performance in the current landscape of gymnastics.

We dive into a huge range of topics ranging including

  • Gymnastics technical and physical preparation aspects (tumbling, bars, etc)
  • Culture to development in a gym and personal development as a coach
  • Motivating athletes without shouting, punishment, or fear
  • Where the future of gymnastics is going in the next 5 years

Episode 2. “The Future of Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning”

This is a 2-hour long lecture I recently gave at an elite gymnastics performance clinic, and I felt was so important to the future of our sport I wanted to make sure everyone had access to it.

This literally encompasses all of my current thoughts on gymnastics physical preparation program development, strength, power, energy systems, and periodization for gymnastics.

Episode 3. Gymnastics Nutrition – Myths and Misunderstandings 

This was an hour-long conversation I had with my good friend Dr. Jaime Schehr (Registered Dietician and Medical Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) about everything going on currently related to nutrition in young athletes, fueling for performance, and tackling some of the most pressing issues of our time like body image, calorie counting, and social media.

This went up a few weeks on the blog, but given how absolutely crucial this conversation is I wanted to make sure everyone had access to it for reference and to re-listen. We talk about 

  • How to talk about and approach food with young gymnasts
  • What coaches, parents, and gymnasts need to know about healthy intake of food with a “fuel for performance” mindset
  • The dangers of comparison, social media, and body image in young gymnasts
  • The tips needed to perform optimally, and practical strategies for implementing these ideas

Find all the episodes through The SHIFT Shows podcast page, and also through iTunes.

Win a SHIFT T-Shirt and Free Skype Consult with Me!


I also really want to hear people’s feedback, thoughts, and opinions on these episodes. The more I hear from people, the better I can make future episodes.

To help foster hearing people’s ideas, I am offering a special offer for the first 2 weeks of the podcast launch.

I’m giving away a very rare SHIFT training T-Shirt (only about 150 ever made) and also a 30-minute chat with me to help you however I can.

To be entered into the running to win an exclusive SHIFT T-Shirt, and also a 1 on 1 Skype consult with me, all you have to do is

  1. Head over to The SHIFT Shows’ iTunes page (find it here – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-shift-show/id1441930368?mt=2)
  2. Rate and review the podcast!

That’s it! Nice and simple.

This will only be open during the first few weeks of the podcast (December 18th – December 28st)

Only those people whose names are listed in the review section of iTunes will be eligible to win. I’ll pick a winner on December 28th!

For now, I hope you really enjoy the podcast! Very excited for this to really build over time,

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science