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New Podcast! Q&A – Landing Form vs Skill Form, Shoulder Injuries During Releases, and Doing Adult Gymnastics Safely

Really excited for the first ever Question and Answer Episode of The SHIFT Show!

The episodes are going to alternate between longer-form content and shorter form Q&A. People can ask anything they want on gymnastics topics like flexibility, strength and conditioning,  culture development, injuries, personal development, or more.

To submit a question head to the podcast home page (click here) at www.shiftmovementscience.com/podcast 

Today’s questions are

  1. Jemaine – “What is the proper landing position;legs together the entire skill, or legs shoulder width apart?”
  2. Tristian – “Is there a way to minimize shoulder capsular laxity that can come with some big bar skills? You talk about landing forces I’m curious on the forces in the shoulder with releases.”
  3. Julia – “Thank you for starting this podcast! I took up this best sport in my early 30s and am wondering what advice you have for training at this age, particularly for someone who doesn’t have a foundation in it and hasn’t been doing it all of their lives (e.g doesn’t have the muscle memory for many skills, etc)? Advice on volume and injury prevention? I love to condition!”

Check out my answers  on the new podcast! Now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.