The Exact Hip Flexibility Exercises I Use To Improve Splits and Pike Shapes in Gymnasts

Recently I put together a blog post that outlined exactly what shoulder flexibility exercises and circuits I give to gymnasts who struggle with handstands or pommel horse swings (find it here if interested).

A ton of people said they really found it helpful, and that they would love to have the same videos for splits and pike flexibility.

To help people out, I took some time over the last few weeks to put together some compilation videos people can watch and send to their gymnasts who might be having a tough time with splits or pike shapes. I call these “Performance Complexes”

This is a really important area of gymnastics due to the issues that come up with hip pain, back pain, and stalled skill or routine performance when these basics are limited. I hope they help!

Right/Left Splits
(Hip Flexor, Quad, Inner Thigh, Hamstring Flexibility)


Straddle Splits
(Inner Thigh and Hamstring Flexibility)


Pike Compressions
(Hamstring and Back of Hip Flexibility)

Want to Learn More?

If you are looking for literally everything I have created on gymnastics hip flexibility, including foam rolling drills, 100s of active flexibility drills, and my go-to hip strength exercises, be sure to check my brand new online 75-minute lecture on flexibility I created for The Hero Lab.

This is my online gymnastics education platform I made to give monthly webinars, connect people with an international network of gymnastics experts, help people with issues they face.

There are also a 70 minute lectures on shoulder flexibility, leg strength, preventing back pain, and using proper work to recovery ratios in training to make sure gymnasts are progressing and not burning out. You can learn more about The Hero Lab here,

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Want to Download My Free Hip Flexibility and Pre-Hab Circuits for Gymnasts?

Also, if you are more looking for the print out checklist versions of these circuits, you can download my free Hip Flexibility and Gymnastics Pre-Hab Guides that I created for readers. People use these worksheets to go over exercises with their gymnasts and to hang up in the gym as part of their physical preperation programs.

Download SHIFT's Free Gymnastics Pre-Hab Guide

Daily soft tissue and activation exercises
Specific 2x/week Circuits for Male and Female Gymnasts
Descriptions, Exercise Videos, and Downloadable Checklists


I hope this is all helpful! Have a great week,

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science