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Muscle Up Mobility and Progression Article with Dr. Dan Pope

Hey everyone,

Last month I got asked by my good buddy Dr. Dan Pope if I would help him out to work on a muscle up article for his website Fitness Pain Free. The article highlights some good mobility, stability, and progression work people can use to build a solid muscle up foundation while staying safe. Dan is a physical therapist, strength and conditioning coach, and quite the athlete who works a lot in the olympic weight lifting/strong man/Cross Fit world helping athletes prevent injury and increase performance. His website is a really great resource for people interested in theses areas, and it was a lot of fun doing a podcast interview a few weeks back. Dan and I have been working a lot together in the last few months trying to learn from each other, and his input for my work in the gymnastics world has been incredibly helpful. By using his contributions as well as other experts at NSCF Athletics, I have really changed up some of the strength and conditioning we use for our gymnastics program as well as pre-hab program. I wanted to share the collaboration article for anyone interested.  Here’s the link to his site below,



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Dan’s Website – www.fitnesspainfree.com