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Discussing A New Model of Gymnastics Part 3 – Micro Principles

This lecture series has been getting some serious downloads and sparking discussions, which is great to see! Like I said in Part 1, I definitely do not have the golden answers. But I do think some of these principles are really important for us to have an open, honest conversation about.

If you missed it, Part 1 was on “Global Values”. It covered the big picture items for evolving our sport, how we are changing our gym, and what we believe in the most.

Part 2 was on “Macro Principles” which are the overarching core values that we run out gym by. Things like athlete-centered decision making, conflict management, and radical communication policies.

Today in part 3, I tackle our “Micro Principles” which are the day to day “in the trenches” things we do. These include

  1. Gymnastics Pathways (Recreational, Competitive, Specific Classes, etc)
  2. Our Stoplight System For Level Move Ups
  3. Our Rule of 7 For Competing Skills
  4. Wellness and Monitoring Programs
  5. Hybrid Strength and Conditioning Models
  6. Quality > Gymnastics Focuses

This is the stuff that people usually really want to know about when they reach out. I’m happy to share what we are doing to change, and the mistakes we made along the way.

You can check it out on iTunes, Spotify, or Sticher below.

Discussing A New Model of Gymnastics Part 3 – Micro Principles

I hope you find it helpful!

Have a great week,

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science